• It is wrong

    I think that there is a lot wrong with having a marriage that is not in your race. It is about like a beagle dog mating with a pit bull. It is just not right and there needs to be something done to stop this from happening a whole lot.

  • Absolutely not. I'll state why.

    Although there are tons of ethnic groups, I believe that when it comes to love, A man and a woman of two different cultures can be together and have normal kids. They will be mixed but it won't get rid of culture. Mixed kids can eventually choose if they want to be Asian or white, Or white or black etc etc. I understand that some might think, "oh this will get rid of our race or mixed races will become too powerful. Or mixed races will totally be easier to control. "

    We are all human beings alright. I'm Canadian born and of Chinese nationality. Yet, I do not want to marry a girl from my own ethnic group because I simply want to marry a girl outside my ethnic background. Asian girls bore me completely. All I want is a gorgeous white girl who will love me and always remain devoted with no cheating etc. She will be the same age as I am, I prefer her to be with shoulder length blonde hair etc. She will not be unattractive nor acceptive towards radical degenerates. Of lgbtqpedos. Mixed couples are not easier to control and not every man and woman is going to do that so do not worry. Personally, I think as an untypical Asian who has been westernied into western culture, Interracial love is fine it is good. It isn't degeneracy nor does it bring shame. It forms an alliance between Asians and Westerners. In this case, Love is love, Interracial love between a man and a woman is alright but gays? Pedos etc? No. I don't want my kids to be influenced by homosexuals etc.

  • No, it's not.

    Marriage is just marriage. Skin color and religion don't matter. If two people love each other, then they love each other. Nothing can stop them from loving each other. People just have to deal with this because you can't stop anyone two people from marrying each other and whatnot. :)

  • Love transcends race

    It's pretty obvious that race doesn't dictate whether or not it is appropriate to love a person. Having said that, it is important that the two spouses are compatible with each other. If they are both raised with different cultural beliefs, then drifts may develop later on in the marriage.

  • It's 2014. Come on.

    This question genuinely makes me feel sick. Have we learned nothing after all this time? Race, gender, religion, background etc have zero significance when it comes to marriage; if you love someone and they love you, that is quite probably the rarest thing in the world and to throw it away because some bigots consider it 'scandalous' is moronic.

  • No, interracial marriages are not scandalous.

    Though it might have been scandalous, decades ago, interracial marriages are no longer seen as taboo today. I think that there has been a great amount of tolerance regarding the subject matter of interracial marriages. However, there will be always those who will have an issue with it. The general public though couldn't care less.

  • No, I don't believe it's scandalous to have an interracial marriage.

    I think in today's society it is fine to have an interracial marriage, I believe the only ones in either family who would have reservations about it are probably the most elder members of the family who grew up in that type of enviroment where it was frowned upon but in today's society it's perfectly fine.

  • People are people

    It's easy to find remnants of discriminatory ways of thinking throughout the world. In some places, racism is still a very real thing. The truth is that it is simply human nature to separate things into simple and superficial categories, including people. However, times are changing, and more people are realizing that the color of someone's skin predetermines nothing about that person.

  • The color of skin doesn't lead to judgement anymore

    Martin Luther King's dream for people to be judged by the content of their character rather than their skin was no fool heardy statement. MIf two people are willing to spend the rest of their lives together to the point of having to literally care for one another then so be it - the color doesn't maetr!

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