Is it surprising that Elise Neal's Instagram Photo "broke the internet"?

  • No, she has lots of fans

    No, it's not surprising that Elsie Neal's instagram photo broke the internet, because her fans love her. Also, she is beautiful. It doesn't matter what she posts online or on social media, her fans are always going to react. She has a way of entertaining her fans, even online on social media. Whatever she does gets attention.

  • No, Not At All.

    Any celebrity that show off their body pretty much "break the Internet", guess that's the reason why I don't really care or find it irrelevant, compare to those who actually break the Internet due to the lack of Instagram followers, now that's quite interesting to see. A non-celebrity with only 100+ followers from high school and families and they somehow managed to "break the Internet".

  • Elise Neal's Instagram Photo "Breaks The Internet", Proves Age Is Just a Number

    It is not surprising that actress Elise Neal's recent Instagram post "broke the Internet." More and more women are celebrating their bodies at at every age, and her photo is just another part of this growing trend. Neal is proof that it is possible to be sexy no matter how old you are, and her large Instagram following is getting that message loud and clear.

  • No, it is not surprising because people are obsessed with other people's physical appearance.

    It is a shame that our society has turned social media into a giant looking glass in which anyone who posts pictures of themselves is instantly criticized and judged. It is my opinion that people need to worry about themselves more, and use pictures as motivation to improve themselves, instead of passing judgement about the decisions of others.

  • No, I don't think it is surprising that Elise Neal's instagram photo broke the Internet.

    No, I do not think it is surprising that Elise Neal's instagram photo broke the Internet because she is in shape and has a beautiful body at 50 years of age. People are in awe that even at her old age, she still manages to keep her body in extremely good condition.

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