Is it surprising that one of the world's best selling artists, Enya, has never been on tour?

  • Enya's lack of touring a surprise

    It is surprising that popular folk singer Enya has never been on tour. Touring has become a large money maker for the musical artists. This has changed from years ago, when it was done to promote albums and spur sales. It appears she will start touring shortly, an acknowledgement of the economic realities.

  • Enya never having been on tour is suprising

    It is suprising that one of the world's best selling artists, in this case, Enya, has never been on tour. It's unusual for any popular group to not go on tour, but especially one that is very popular and very high-selling. Additionally, Enya is internationlly known, which adds to the unusual nature of this case.

  • Yes, it is a pity. She is a great singer, very authentic.

    Enya is one of the most-successful folk singers of all time, selling more than 75 million records worldwide. Yet she has never played a solo concert, and tends to disappear for years between albums. The star, whose hits include Orinoco Flow and Book of Days, famously creates complex vocal arrangements, in which her voice is layered hundreds of times.

  • Enya's music does not support touring

    Enya has a specific sound that includes incredible repetitions that mix electronic and folk music. If Enya were to tour, her backup band would have to be large enough to include an entire choir, a full Celtic band, and about three semi-trucks worth of electronic equipment, including computers. It is too expensive for her to tour.

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