• Obviously, this is the 21st century, what're you dumb?

    There are these fantastic things called guns. They are also quiet with suppressors, deadly from range, pierce armor and vehicles, actually concealable, and don't need to reload after every shot. Many modern guns have little to no recoil and are ridiculously easy to use. Crossbows are clunky, heavy, high-maintenance, and a liability in any situation where you could have a had a gun. Second amendment boys, look it up. Call of Duty checkmate. Merica.

  • Well, maybe so.

    I would've gone for the no side, but I decided that everyone needs to see the other side of a coin. You could argue that the crossbow is easily still a very great weapon, allowing you to be sneaky and lethal at the same time; they can pierce armor and vehicles. Oh wait! Where did I hear that from? Guns. Guns are better than old tech. Guns allow greater armor penetration, much less bullet drop, much more bullet velocity, making for a better lethal weapon, and they can stay silent! Why do you think silencers are invented for! To make the barrel of your gun look longer and better/worse? Why must you argue that crossbows can be silent when guns can be almost as silent while being able to travel further and have greater effect? You could easily argue that it gives you a tactical advantage, allowing poison arrows and whatnot. Well, I'm not sure why nobody has tried it yet, but ever try poison tipped bullets?

  • Yes, it is not surprising

    It’s not the culture or image of crossbows that gets them on a soldier’s back, it’s their unique tactical capabilities. Modern crossbows with optical and thermal sightings can still pierce armor,or even a car,with metal bolts or bullets. Yet unlike a longer-ranged rifle, the light, foldable crossbow is a stealth weapon, offering no recoil, muzzle flash, or noise.

  • No, crossbows have multiple tactical advantages.

    No, it's not surprising that crossbows are still used by Chinese police and military personnel. Crossbows have many tactical advantages and are used by soldiers and police officers throughout the world. Though the crossbow is an ancient weapons, the crossbows used in China and elsewhere today are made from state-of-the-art materials and even incorporate modern technology. Crossbows are much quieter than firearms, and in the hands of a trained professional, they are just as lethal.

  • No, it is not surprising.

    It does not surprise me that the Chinese still use crossbows for the police and in the military, as the crossbow is a weapon with modern potential. It is powerful, with the ability to pierce through armor and even vehicles, as well as being silent without recoil. Crossbows still have their advantages in modern weaponry.

  • No, it is not surprising that the chinese still use crossbows.

    Hunters of many nationalities from around the world still use crossbows to hunt game in this day and age. The crossbow is a highly developed tool that has rightfully survived the test of time, and so it should not come as a surprise that it is still in use today.

  • One would think that the crossbow belongs in medieval warfare.

    But the thing is, crossbows still have their advantage on the modern battlefield, and time has not made the crossbow any less deadly than it was in ages gone by. For example, with the current technology we have at our disposal, crossbows have become even more lethal; as they are much quieter than the average firearm (even those with silencers), when combined with the fact that they don't emit a muzzle flash, they make excellent counter-sniper weapons. In addition, the possibilities of creating even more specialised arrowheads for the bolts fired by crossbows, such as explosive or incendiary heads, mean that the crossbow is unlikely to be scrapped from the modern day armoury any time soon.

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