Is it the amount of food (yes) or its nutritional content (no) that is more important?

  • Of course serving size matters

    Why do you think it is there. It is there to show that serving size matters. Even the most healthy foods can be bad. Celery for example, has negative calories and eating too much could lead you to run iut of calories im your body quickly. Amoyher greath example is sodium limits. If you consume something really healthy with two servings worth of sodium and then say, hey lets eat more since it has little sodium, than you are eventually are going to get two much sodium, and this applies to other nutrients such as protein, lipids, carbohydrates, salt content, and many other things. Some foods such as pizza or a burger is actually really bad to eat as much as you want because of those high amounts of sodium, salt, and etc., but even healthy foods are bad as a large intake.

  • It is the amount of food that's important.

    People should pay more attention to the amount of food they eat in order to say healthy. Although it is common knowledge what kinds of foods are good and bad for a person's health, often serving sizes can be deceptive. Many people eat too much without realizing that it is bad for them.

  • Nutritional content is more important than the amount of food.

    Nutritional value is more important , because it's more healthy. Consuming a bag of chips is way more unhealthy than eating 2 salads.
    We would all get really sick if we didn't have enough nutrients. Eating a lot of lettuce is a lot more healthy than eating only a few Debbie cakes.

  • You need to be healthy.

    Nutrition lets you be healthy. Eating a lot of food doesn't make you healthy. Eating five Big Macs from mcdonalds will cause you to be fat. Who wants to be fat? Do you honestly want to be huge, overweight, and fat? I mean, does that sound fun to you. Just no.

  • Nutrition is more important.

    They are both important factors to consider when consuming food, but nutritional value is more important than portions. You need certain vitamins and minerals to maintain your health. Choosing healthier foods provides the nutrition you need to be stronger. An ideal mean would have both portion sizes and nutritional value.

  • Nutritional content is more important

    When it comes to eating food, the nutritional content of the food is more important in the amount of food. Our bodies would not continue to function if we ate a lot of food with no nutritional content. We would all get sick. Nutritional content is the most important part of food and the main reason why we need to eat.

  • It's nutrition that counts

    Of course nutritional content is more important! Why do you think so many people are fat? It's not just because of overeating. They eat nutritionally empty foods, so the body does not receive what it needs; it packs up those calories and keeps "asking" for more. You can eat a small meal rich in nutrients and not feel hungry because the body got what it wanted.

  • Quality is always better than quantity.

    The quality of what you eat should always be important over the amount of what you eat. Filling up on a bag of Doritos for lunch will not give you the same nutritional impact as having a vegetable salad with some Italian dressing on it. That's just one example. With so many food choices available, there's no reason we shouldn't be eating as healthily as possible.

  • The nutritional content is more important than the amount of food consumed.

    The nutritional content is more important than the amount of food consumed. I believe this because ultimately your health is determined by the amount of nutrition that you body consumes. If you eat a lot of bad food after awhile your body will start to fail. Nutrition is very vital to us.

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