Is it the federal government's job to preserve English as the common, unifying language of the U.S.?

  • Yes - maintain a lingua franca; no one is preventing anyone from learning another tongue

    There is a difference between promoting bilingualism and preferential treatment to immigrants who have less incentive to adapt. Why do some states allow drivers to take their test in Spanish? If you come to a certain country, it is you who must adapt to its ways, not the other way around. Also, there is no mention of making Mandarin or Hangul the go-to second language whenever a bilingual nation comes up - it's always Spanish. Respect and language rights ought to be earned, not handed out to one group at the expense of another.

  • Yes - they need to keep our most basic element of Americanism

    This country was not founded on the premise that we would be a confused nation of people that cannot understand each other. We were founded by those that spoke English and intended for their descendents to do the same. Our government needs to protect this sanctity at all costs, or our lives will be confusing.

  • English Should Be Used, Even Though Not Official Language

    There are plenty of Americans who speak Spanish in addition to English. The primary language of the U.S. government should be English so that everyone can communicate appropriately. However, English should not be made the official language of the government. Documents and transcripts should be translated into Spanish to help legal immigrants. Still, English should be the dominant language of our country.

  • Unifying language is important

    It is the feral government's job to preserve English as the common tongue for the U.S. We need to be able to communicate effectively, and since English is already the dominant tongue in the U.S., it is the language that the government should try to preserve. Preserving English as the common, unifying language does not mean promoting bilingualism and other languages in the U.S. -- it just means that we should keep English as the standard one to know for communicating effectively across regions and in U.S. business.

  • We need to be able to understand each other

    Countries that have so many languages that they can't communicate effectively with each other are rife with problems. Look at countries in Europe, Asia or Africa made up of all kinds of ethnic groups that speak all kinds of languages. The United States has English as a unifying language and it should keep that, rather than turning into one of those kinds of countries.

  • No the United States does not have an official language

    We welcome everyone in the United States and speaking English is not something that is forced upon those wanting to live here.

    I have known and befriend many Spanish only speaking Americans and have no problem with people that don't have the time or don't have the ability to learn to speak English.

    As long as you are a good citizen I don't care what you speak.

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