Is it the government's job to take care of its people?

  • It is the government's job to serve its people

    Governments only exist because of the people; people create governments. The government is therefore DEFINITELY OBLIGATED to serve the people. The government should be one with the people, meaning all the ideas of the people match up with the ideas of the government. A government represents the people and serves them. Many governments today are separate from the people and this is not the right way as governments are created due to the people's desires. However, if governments abuse their power and/or ignores the ideas and desires of the people, then it wouldn't be a government that serves its people. In this sense, government leaders should be working in the government completely for the people, not for money; what is the point of having a leader who is not faithful and serve the people? These ideas are of a true democracy, ideas that many 'democratic' politicians and governments either forget or ignore.
    --From a non-biased observer of the world.

    Posted by: Mbhn
  • In Times of Crisis and Calamity

    When things happen such as the Great Recession and natural disasters, then the government's job is most certainly to take care of its people. Assistance to recover from sudden job loss, property damage and other calamities is what the government is supposed to do. When governments interfere with the free market or start telling citizens what to do, that's when the government has overstepped its bounds.

  • Yes, we elect those who we think will do what's best for us.

    The government is meant to make big decisions for our country in order to do what is best for the citizens and give us the best lives possible. We do not elect people to just do jobs, we elect them to make all the major, important decisions because we count on them to care of us. A big point of political debates is for the debaters to prove to the voters that they are the best for the job they are fighting for, that they will be the best at making things better for us. We elect them to do these jobs that will better our lives and ultimately, yes, take care of us.

  • Yes vary much so.

    I don’t know what else it would be for if not to protect and care for its people. The only other thing it could do is leach off of, suppress or control people for its own gain. I don’t think I can even think of anything that government should do that doesn’t fall in to the area of caring for its people.

  • Yes, a government's job is to take care of its people.

    Yes, I believe that a government's job is to take care of its people. While most Republicans disagree with this view and dislike a government that has any major involvement in the lives of its people, the government is a huge entity which has the power to spend trillions of dollars on behalf of the greater good for the country. In a way the government is like a parent figure in that they should support their children when in need (Medicare, Social Service, food stamps), but also punish them when they behave badly (prison time/jail time). All governments' main goals should be to 1) to stay solvent 2) to have a balanced budget and 3)to take care of its people.

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  • If the government didn't make us feel safe we wouldn't allow it

    I believe the government would not be here if we did not feel somewhat comfortable with it. The government's job is to make our lives realistic and not have us suffer through it. We need to be able to afford our needs and believe that we are safe otherwise we would have no purpose for a government.

  • Yes it's part of its job.

    I believe it is the governments job to keep us safe. If we didn't feel safe we would not approve of it. To live we need to afford our needs. We need a surtain amount of wages and affordable taxes. If the government didn't make life realistic there would not be a government.

  • Yes i do

    They should take care of our health car and protect us by using emergency services like cops, Fire fighters, And ambulance. They should have a lot more funding for the small farms that are struggling to keep there farms running because the milk prices and soy bean prices are so low.

  • Yes the it is the government's job to take care of its people.

    I think that the government should definitely help those who are in need of short term help. There are many Americans that have lost their jobs in the past years that need some help to stay in their homes and provide for their families. Also, The disabled people are not able to make the income or have the ability to live on their own. Where does this money come from? These are just a few of the examples of people that really need the care. The government should always have the people's best interest.

  • No one owes you anything

    I really don't understand why people think the gov should take care of them. I believe helping others is good and great but people aren't entitled to things that other people have worked for. I lose 1/3 of every paycheck and I don't think its fair that there are people who don't work that just get money from the government.

  • The U. S. Was never founded to be a Socialist Nation

    Our founding fathers never meant for this country to be a socialist nation, But it's quickly becoming that. I'll just the Welfare program as an example. To many people feel it's the government's job to take care of them. I urge anyone to go to Amazon and order the book entitled, "Memoirs of a Former Welfare Worker". I found this book very enlightening. Although, A couple chapters are somewhat boring, With all the stats and history of welfare, The rest of the chapters are true to life stories. It's not a long book, But like I said, It is very enlightening.

  • Less Government is better government

    A government strictly required to do very little. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution limits the federal government (specifically Congress) to 17 specific powers. All of them beneficial to every American, providing special privileges to none (a hallmark of the founders philosophy). People debate and pervert the idea of the "general welfare." Think of the term, "general." By design that means beneficial to all. If it favors one group or person over others, it is no longer in the interest of the "general welfare." In case the politicians didn't get this simple idea, the Founders reinforced their point with the Tenth Amendment, which makes it clear that, if it is not in the Constitution, it is left to the states and the citizens thereof.

    A very convoluted system of government. Virtually all the European governments have a head of government who represents the legislative branch. So when one party wins more seats than others in legislative elections, the Prime Minister represents that majority party. These governments are designed for government to do more. Our government has a head of government (the President) that is elected separately from the legislative branch. Americans seem to be most happy when the Chief Executive is of a different party from the Legislative branch, because that increases the likelihood that government will accomplish less, making a more stable and predictable environment. Furthermore, our Amendment process (required to change what the government can do) is so daunting, we have only added 27 Amendments in two centuries. This was by design, not accident.

  • Read the Constitution!

    We need to get back to the actual reason the Founding Fathers started this "experiment" we call the United States of America. Start by reading the US Constitution. The federal government's job is to provide for the common defense of the people and to ensure all citizens receive equal treatment under the law (NOT to ensure everyone is equal!). So called "progressives" need to study history, particularly American history. Our democracy only works when the citizenry is educated, involved, and moralistic. THAT'S how you hold government responsible and accountable. Today we have politicians who are not just unpatriotic hypocrites, they are treasonous...How else to explain $20,000,000,000,000 of debt (and growing)! When a preponderance of citizens want their government to make decisions for them, we are all screwed. People need to grow up, accept responsibility, and be accountable. Above all, DO NOT trust the Federal government and the politicians (on both sides of the aisle). They do not care about you. They ONLY want your vote. Here's an idea to begin real change...Only vote for a pol who will support term limits and a balanced budget amendment. I think the only reason the US Constitution doesn't address these two issues is that the Founders didn't anticipate how futures pols could act so horribly, or how "responsible" voters could keep putting them back in office. Do you really want the swamps creatures in Washington to take care of you?

  • Hand not handout

    Loss in this life is inevitable, what seems to be missing today is the idea that people can recover without always asking someone else for a handout to fix the loss. Who decides which losses deserve repair , who gets helped and who doesn't . This is the real problem with this idea it makes every choice a political choice and every action suspect by others.

  • People who think the government has an obligation to take care of people are people who don't want the responsibility to take care of themselves.

    While it is great to want to take care of everyone, everyone has the power to do so by their own choice. Government involvement is not needed unless what you really want is to force people to take care of others against their will. Choose personal choice.. Not government coercion.

  • People who think the government has an obligation to take care of people are people who don't want the responsibility to take care of themselves.

    While it is great to want to take care of everyone, everyone has the power to do so by their own choice. Government involvement is not needed unless what you really want is to force people to take care of others against their will. Choose personal choice.. Not government coercion.

  • It's not their job!

    The people of America are not 'stupid' babies who can't take care of themselves. Nothing I can say hasn't been said before, but I'll say it anyway. The Governments job is to enforce laws, protect borders, and other such things. They are not supposed to take intimate care of our schools, jobs, and personal lives. This country was built upon the foundations that people can take care of everyday things for themselves. The Government is only there to take care of the things of National importance that the people can't take care of, making sure that there is good roads everywhere (Not redoing roads that are just fine), or negotiating to make sure that America's people have plenty of food, or clothing that can enter America so that the people can get what they need. If we are given everything we will ever need, then we grow lazy and if this continues then America will cease to function because nobody wants to haul everyone else's weight. So people will stop working. The Government is taking to close a stance to our personal lives, they need to remember what it was set up as years and years ago.

  • I take care of myself!

    It is not the responsibility of the government to provide for me. There are certain exemptions, however. I pay taxes for my children to attend school, for fire protection at home, and for police protection everywhere. I also believe in my rights under the constitution, and BIG government is the antithesis of that belief.

  • I can and would rather, look after myself thanks!

    I can and would rather, look after myself thanks, they can't be here all the time, they won't be here when I'm flooded, they won't be able to help me when ISIS take over the country, they are bullying arrogant megalomaniacs that should be consigned to history. A new system of democracy is needed and the old one needs to be binned!

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