Is it the responsibility of a woman to cuddle and have sex with her husband when ever he wants even if she doesn't want to

  • Of course it is

    A Woman should have sex and cuddle with her husband when ever he wants regardless of if she wants to or not as it is the responsibility of the man to provide a home food clothes and anything else his wife needs or wants she must support him with her love and her body cuddles are nice sex is nice her job is to love and support her husband with words deeds cuddles and yes Evan her body

  • It is her duty

    Men and women have different duties to each other in marriage for example a man is provider to and defender of his wife he must provided her with anything she should ask for or need to the best of his abilities and he must be willing to take a bullet for her and women have the duty of care taker her duty is to cuddle and snuggle with her husband as well as please him sexually she should stay home and keep it clean and cook dinner for her husband

  • Yes on the cuddles no on the sex

    Women are pets smart pets but pet's non the less they have one purpose cuddling snuggling and being a best friend to her husband who is her master and owner she should submit to him and do as told in order to be a good pet she should play video games with him and do other activities she should not work her only purpose is to be a good pet

  • Of Course Not

    That's just rape. Just because you're a woman and you marry someone doesn't mean that they can have sex with you without your consent. It also doesn't mean that you have to cook or clean for him. However, We all know that men can't provide for themselves, The poor dears, So you will have to make money for the family

  • That is essentially rape.

    If a women is forced to have sex with her husband when she doesn't want to, That is rape. She is being coerced into having sex by pressure and responsibility being put on her that says she has to perform sexual favours even if she does not want to, To show she loves her husband. It is rape/sexual coercion and is illegal and immoral.

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Shamayita says2020-11-01T14:43:56.053
Hell no. It should be done when both give their consents.

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