Is it the responsibility of a woman to cuddle and have sex with her husband when ever he wants

  • Women are pets

    Women are pets smart pets but pet's non the less they have one purpose cuddling snuggling and being a best friend to her husband who is her master and owner she should not be expected to work in any capacity they are pets and should submit to their husband as a good pet and cuddle and snuggle with their husband when ever he wants

  • It is her duty

    In a marriage the husband and wife have specific dutys to each other for example the husband is provider to and defender of his wife he must be willing to take a bullet for his wife and must provide her with a home food clothes love and anything else she may need or want and the dutys of the wife are as care taker and and best friend/lover she should as lover make sure he has acquit cuddles and that he does not go horny with no sex as well as do fun activities with him such as playing video games with him even if she doesn't like video games as best friend she must help him overcome hurdles to become a great man she must be honest with him and his flaws but not an ass instead she must be honest because no man ever got better because he thought himself to be great and in fulfilling that duty as lover\best friend she has done enough in the duty of care taker

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David_Nichols says2020-10-31T03:02:21.087
Only if she wants those new shoes.

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