Is it the right of America to be involved in the middle east countries political decisions (like supporting Israel regardless of surrounding countries disagreement)?

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Is it the right of America to be involved in the middle east countries political decisions (like supporting Israel regardless of surrounding countries disagreement)?
  • It's the right of any country to align itself with any other country for whatever reason it chooses

    Perhaps the word "right" isn't quite correct here, mainly because a "right" is something that someone else (say, an international agency or another nation) would ascribe to another. This isn't that kind of situation. It's not a question of whether or not a nation is allowed to align with another country based on common interests, or lend its support to that country. No one has to allow the US or, for that matter, any other nation to show its support for another nation they generally agree with, nor is there any reason why a nation can't do so based simply on popular or separate opinions. The US has a clear, vested interest in supporting Israel, and so the US supports Israel. It's not their right to do so because no one is granting them a right to do so. It's simply part of how US sovereignty plays out, just as it's part of Russian sovereignty to lend its support to Syria's government.

    So, maybe the question should be rephrased as follows: Should America be picking sides in the multifaceted conflict that plays out in the Middle East? That's a more difficult question, and one that might provide a solid basis for debate. Rather than asking what the US is ALLOWED to do, you could be asking what the US SHOULD do. Personally, I would still say yes, but that would require a very different explanation from the one I've given, and it would require me to take into account the implications of such a decision.

  • We need to support the only religious diversity in the middle east

    There are many reasons why the surrounding middle eastern countries dislike Israel
    1. They have a great ally in the United States which majority of the middle eastern countries dislike.
    2. The 6 day war which gave Israel more land then they had before as well as utterly destroying all the countries armies that had attacked it
    3. It being the only country with any religious diversity in the middle east,
    the fact is that the United States needs to be in the middle east to keep Israel and America safe from the middle eastern powers and to also help spread proper democracy into the middle east and to also not allow those countries to not spreading sharia law.

  • Yes it is.

    We are not telling them what to do, just supporting their position. Look at the issue with Jerusalem. It's their country so they should be able to say where they have their capital. Sure, Palestine claims it as their capital but that's just because it overlaps both countries like Berlin did in E. And W. Germany after WWII.

  • Sovereign Nations rights.

    The United States, and any other country has the right to engage in foreign diplomacy and support any country they choose. It is entirely irrelevant what the other countries around israel may think. I've said all that I need to but I require a few more words in order to post.

  • No involvement right

    Right to be involved means obligation by the addressee to comply. America does not have the right to command other country's politics. It may express support but it's Israel that rules over its governance. The situation is different for weaker states, for which American involvement is to be interpreted differently.

  • Yes yes yes

    Further more, yes.

    Basically, we all know assad is bad, so if we replace him with jihadists, surely things will get better.

    Its just logical.

    I mean, we supported jihadists against the soviets and as we can see today, it went swimmingly. Afghanistan is a functioning, western style and most importantly, safe, democratic system with a strong tourism system.

    photo of kabul-
    map of tourist hotspots ijn afghanistan-
    relatable image-
    erdogan praising afghan progress -
    cCc Turk cCc-

  • What do you the right? The LEFT are so hypocritical!

    Ah, I don't know why you point the finger to the Right. When the ACLJ has discovered through a FOIA request that Yasser Mahmoud Abbas, son of Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, was also a senior leader of OneVoice: the anti-Israel activist organization that used U.S. State Department money it received during the Obama Administration to launch a multimillion dollar campaign to unseat Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and “replace the government” of Israel.

    Starting in 2013, the U.S. State Department began to issue grants to One Voice Israel and One Voice Palestine, collectively known as OneVoice. These grants continued through November 2014, totaling nearly $350,000, four times the size of the average overseas grant the State Department awarded that year. OneVoice told the Obama State Department that it planned to engage in electioneering, yet the Obama Administration gave the organization the money anyway. Worse yet, the Administration, even fully aware of OneVoice’s intentions, imposed no restrictions on the grant.

    This is what gets me. The left for the past 18 months have accuse the Trump Campaign of Russia collusion with not evidence what so ever. Their media outlets cry all the time or how the Russians stole the election form Hillary. But yet golden boy Obama is obstructing democracy by meddling in Israel's election process.

    So, my opinion is NO, the LEFT should not be involved in Israels affairs and someone should be held accountable. Hypocrisy at its finest!


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