Is it the role of men to serve as protectors of and providers for women and children

  • Real men protect women and children.

    Good men do not harm or abuse women or children. They do not hit women for any reason other than self defense. They love, Serve, And protect women and children. Good men respect women in the world as equals, But assume authority over their wife in the household.

    His authority is not one he abuses nor exploits. He is considerate of his wife's feelings when leading her and asking her to serve him. The marriage unit does their best to work as a team and make compromises. On issues of grave importance, The husband has the final say. If her husband is a good man, Submission should not be a daunting task.

    Children are the future. Men and women must protect children at all costs.

  • Yes undoubtedly true

    As it is a woman’s role to serve men and children as a care taker and friend it is the god given role of men to serve as protectors ann providers for women and children he must loose his own if necessary to protect his wife as she may give up temporary happiness to take care of him and please him a true man protects his family with his life he wants his wife to be safe and happy and a true woman wants to show him love in return and will keep the home clean and cook warm meals for him so long as he provides a comfortable life for her and keeps her safe from all dangers

  • It is a duty that men hold

    In society men are the protesters and defenders women are important they give birth to children rise and take of children it is 100% vital that women be protected from all harm both mental and physical real men know this and know their place is to serve women as protectors

  • Protectors, Yes. Providers, No.

    Women don't need men to provide for them. I know that if my future husbands cuts me this crap, I'll be filing for a divorce. Physically, Men have a duty of protection towards their wife. Having kids (if she wants to) is the duty of a woman. But staying at home and serving the husband? Unless she wants to, She has no such obligation.

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