Is it the teenager's fault that they are rebellious if he/she was brought up by authoritarian or strict parents?

Asked by: chnynnpsttxix
  • They are responsible for their actions.

    This does not mean I disagree with their actions. If the restriction is intrusive, then I wholeheartedly agree with their actions, and feel that I would do the same. But this question seems to be implying that their ability to choose is hindered through strict parenting. I can not agree with the conclusion, as I disagree with determinism.

    Posted by: Nac
  • Problem Parents Attack

    If parents don't let us do things we will do them anyway because we want to have a childhood. Children have to make mistakes to learn and grow! They should let us experience more things in life. They say you learn more from your mistakes. It is well known that kids that have strict parents get in more trouble in college, than kids without strict parents!

  • Coming from personal experience

    My parents are pretty strict, and that has caused me to do things without their knowledge. Nothing big of course, maybe just hang out with friends or go to the movies. But nonetheless it would not be the child's fault. Parents should realize that we're kids, we want to have fun, and if they don't give us a bit of freedom, we're gonna do things behind their backs.

    Posted by: Cin

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-04-28T16:03:07.100
I'd say both parties are at fault.