• The world is better today, time for a change

    We need a revolution, a political revolution. Moreover, a revolution against the current nature of the political structure. We live in a world based upon a 18th century concept of nationhood. Most "mature" democracies have systems designed for agricultural dominated societies (ie in a time based upon land ownership rather than citizenship). This created a system were the minority of people can dominate the discourse. An example is the UK, based upon turn out, you just need 35% of the actual vote which equates to only 20% of the country's total population, is this democracy? Special interest dominate the process so much that in the USA Goldman Sachs sponsor both sides eliminating difference. Mitt Romney may not of been a good candidate, but pointed correctly that 47% of the USA population receives some sort of assistance, if you include corporate influence through political donations and tax breaks, do you not have complete complicate control? There is not one aspect of your lives that is not either directly or indirectly influence by the government.

    Revolution does not have to be violent, it is radical change. Think of the alternative systems you could have, endless.

  • Oppression, Poverty, and Inequality is rampant all over the world.

    All I can say is that the obvious evidence is all around. If we look at the U.S.A ,more money is put into war and military services than it in education, technology, or other endeavors like public housing for the homeless. In India politics could not be more corrupt, with bribery deals being made everyday. In China not long ago, a woman,who was the daughter of a wealthy politician, ran over a child, and got away with it. Poverty is rising, and so is pollution, and the results of pollution can become fatal to us. In the UK taxes are on the rise, and the if I'm not mistaken that was the reason for the American Revolution: HIGH TAXES. So I believe that some sort of revolution should happen, and I don't believe that there has to be some huge war to resolve some of the problems this world faces.

  • No, not yet.

    I, for one, am all for a revolution. But for the moment, it is too soon. The government is too safe, they would rather look the fool than admit defeat and people have not yet been irked enough to be dragged to action. You could argue that African Americans have been erred by the government but in order to mount a successful revolution against a largely white biased community you'll need the support of the other ethnicities of which there would need to be huge discrimination against more people to push them to action. So no, now is not the time,

  • Ummm...Why should we?

    What's the point of it? Because some people don't like some things that leaders are doing? Now I don't like some things, but there is no reason to do this. It would be the strongest country against everybody else. And what does revolution bring? Death, war, famine, sickness, not to mention if somebody worse was brought to power. It might wipe the human race out.

  • The World is Better Today Than Any Other Time in History

    The worlds getting better! A thousand years ago, powerful men could rape, murder, and torture their own people not only without consequence but also without judgement. About 500 years ago, explorers and European settlers mercilessly slaughtered and enslaved millions of Native Americans in the greatest loss of life in human history. And just 100 years ago, we lived in a society where women and African Americans were barely considered people. Today, we enjoy more freedom, more justice, and more general prosperity than any other generation in the history of our species. That is largely thanks to the governments of the worlds major powers which are currently the best in history. They care for the benefits of all of their people and not just the few in power. Now don't get me wrong. There is corruption and bribery. Terrible things still happen and the system is not even remotely close to something you would call perfect. But our government is accessible to us and that is whats great about it. By voting and making our voices heard we can make changes to our way of life. There is no need to tear down the government that for once in history actually does care for its citizens

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UtherPenguin says2015-01-25T22:18:40.493
A revolution where?