Is it Time for British PM David Cameron to Patronizing & Shielding Islam?

Asked by: DavidMGold
  • Everything he says defending Islam is factually and demonstrably wrong..

    He says, "I’ll take any chance to champion the massive contribution that British Muslims make in our country." At precisely the same time, Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, is saying that there are several thousands of Jihad terror suspects they are attempting to monitor, which begs the question as to how many more would be in the greater Britannia? At least 1,500 British Muslims have traveled to Syria to join ISIS. 3 days ago a Muslim medical student was arrested for a plot to carry out in Islamic State style beheading and lest we not forget that Lee Rigby was hacked to death on the streets of South London that has led the British Government to formally adopt Islamic Blasphemy laws ending any free speech in regards to criticizing Islam verified by charges being brought against a street preacher for comparing Jesus and Muhammad. Howm about the contributions of a school in Birmingham that allowed their Muslim students to express their praise of the 9/11 terrorist attack and the 7/7 bombings among other Islamist nonsense. Or the 200 Subway restaurants in the U.K. have quit offering pork to comply with Muslim demands of Halal only foods. Politician Paul Weston was arrested for quoting Winston Churchill's remarks about Islam and faces a two year prison sentence. The rape and sexual assault of over 1,400 British children in Rotherham from 1997 to 2013 was a shocking crime which authorities failed to do anything claiming they didn't want to be labeled "racist" allowing this rape gang to continue on for so many years. Reportedly over 100,000 have undergone genital mutilation which is justified by Islam including girls as young as 10. I could go on and on writing a book about other contributions but you get the point.

    He says, "Muslims give more to charity than any other faith group." Perhaps that's why the British Government had frozen the assets of some 26 Islamic Charities that were funding Jihadists in Syria. One of the primary functions of Zakat according to the Qu'ran is funding Jihad, which numerous Islamic "charities" have done from many countries. Zakat is compulsory and amounts to only 2.5% as well. Zakat cannot be given to Muslims except those Muslims wish to incline to become Muslims.

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