• Health Insurance, Retirement Funds

    Governments around the world, and the United States government in particular, needs to start privatizing more services now before they become insolvent. We can start with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security which take up huge chunks of the federal budget. Then we can get rid of oil company subsidies and reduce unemployment benefits along with other entitlements. We need more privatization before services become financially disastrous.

  • Governments do too much.

    Yes, it is time for governments to launch a new wave of privatizations, because the public sector does not do things as efficiently as the private sector, because they are not as accountable. One good example would be the TSA. Private security companies could handle this so much better, now that they know what the treats are.

  • not at all

    No, i do not think that a new wave of these will be a thing that is going to help out the nation a whole lot at all. I think that the way that all of this is now is the way that it all needs to stay and that it is good.

  • I do not think governments should launch a new privatization wave

    I believe that privatizations in general are not a good thing. If governments owned or controlled everything, there would be no room for public businesses or services to flourish. If everything was privatized we'd just be one step closer to complete government distrust. People already don't trust our government and this wouldn't help them get us on their good side. I believe we should stay the course we are on, and if anything, make changes to help out public businesses instead of enforcing new private rules.

  • Government services, for the most part, are better left public

    Many people have suggested that government privatize a large array of its services, from public transportation to water and garbage. However, these services are public because their success is crucial to the public interest. While most private companies are well run, it is inevitable that their first motivation is not serving the public, but making money. As long as the profit motive remains, crucial services should not be privatized.

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