• Yes, she needs to go away. Her time has past her by.

    We really need to get someone who has fresh ideas, that can present a road map, and explain in detail how to get this great country moving forward again. I'm really tired of rehashing the same old politicians every voting year. They have had their chance already. It's time for something better don't you think?

  • Poison to the Democrats

    I am a lifelong Democrat who now has moved center-right and mostly vote Republican largely because of politicians like Hillary. She is an absolute poison to the Democratic party and digging the hole deeper for leaders who might actually emerge with strong campaigns and good policies. I feel as if every time she opens her mouth, She sets the Democrats another step back.

  • Hillary should retire to refresh Democratic Party

    I have much respect for her dedication, but seriously, for the betterment of America she should go. Along with all those people who should rightly take responsibility for past election. I think Obama should also take responsibility for what has become. I respect & love those 2 politicians, but seriously, it's time for new people to carry the banner

  • Absolutely time for her to go.

    She has proven to have failed to respect herself as a woman her dignity was stepped on by Bill many times and she just stood by him licking his left overs hoping she'd get a chance at a bone. Failed the USA looking out for her personal agenda instead of the countries best interests.

  • HRC has lost the country's respect.

    Hillary Clinton is a lying, thieving, evil person. It's time for her to retire or we prosecute her and then lock her up. She and her loser of a husband are self serving people who pretend to have the world in mind when it is actually their bank account is all that matters.

  • Time to GO

    Hillary lost because she was a poor candidate, an unindicted felon, a pathological liar, and rape enabler. She needs to be retired to prison. It is time to deal with the whole Clinton family as the criminal family that it is. We also need to recover the funds she and her husband have obtained by selling influence and misused to fly on private planes and pay for Chelsea's wedding.

  • She lost an election that she could not lose

    This election was hers to lose, and she managed to do it. It's time for her to step aside and for the Dems to find their next star. The Democrats need to re-embrace the working class that turned out so strongly in this election and draw them back into the fold. They need to distance themselves from the person that referred to that group as deplorables as well. I preferred that she win, but it wasn't meant to be.

  • One word 'Prison'

    If Hlllary isn't elected she will probably face charges and possibly going to prison. That's why Hillary is fighting without any dignity. She's fighting for her freedom. If elected president she will be safe. I think about Bill poking his cigar into Monica's vagina. No dignity in this family. Just a bunch of rich pervs.

  • No more Clintons

    The clintons have stolen millions if not billions of dollars, why not just retire and enjoy all of that blood money? Just go be a grandma, she's obviously not healthy mentally or physically, so just go do some gardening or something in one of your mega mansions. It just makes no sense to continue this nonsense.

  • Retirement that needs to gappen

    She's 69 for gods sake she needs to retire because she's getting on a bit she's a great women but is to old . My opinion is that we need someone with fresh ideas who is an intelligent young person so that's what I think about she's tooooo old to serve this country

  • She doesn't have to

    Her mental state is fine, she is still able to effectively lead the nation as a president, and has extensive political history to prove that this is so. She may not be the best canidate, but she can run if she wants to and doesn't need to retire at all.

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