• Palestinian people has its rights.

    It's time Israel state accomplish ONU resolutions and respect the borders given to each part. It's impossible to reach the peace without a state for each part, both needs a land, a goverment and a state for their people. Even worst, Israel continues to occupy palestinian and the deal and the peace become more diffiucult. Angerness ans frustation, poverty ans desolation is growing among palestinians, and at he end this is ideal for islamism growing. So, there won't be any solution by force, they ought to agree a political solution and some countris on the area, as Arabia Saudi or Iran, and US ont he other hand must cooperate to reach it.

  • I wish they could live in peace.

    Israel needs to understand that the Palestinians need to be able to lead normal lives and Palestinians need to understand that Israelis need to lead safe lives. It's such a small place as it is and all this fighting and land-grabbing doesn't help anyone. This issue is so complex, it almost makes me lose faith in God.

  • No, the territory belongs to Israel.

    Israel should stand firm and protect its land against grabbers. The Palestinians are immigrants from Iran, Egypt and other surrounding Arab nations. All evidence have shown without casting doubt that Israel has existed for thousand of years and there was nothing like Palestine. Israel should fight to protect its territory.

  • I don't think Israel should cede territory at all.

    Even discussing territorial disputes with surrounding hostiles will weaken Israel's position in the region. If they agree to cede certain territories, the Palestinians will argue that it is not enough, and they will want areas that have religious significance, which will cause all talks to break down. Israel is better off by refusing to negotiate or even consider giving up territory.

  • Israel is right.

    All that Israel and the Israeli people have ever wanted is the opportunity to live in peace without people wanting to put them in concentration camps or push them into the sea. Israel doesn't have very much land at all. They aren't being unreasonable being where they're at, and they have a right to exist.

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