Is it time for the United Kingdom to end their reign of terror and set Northern Ireland free?

Asked by: JackGibb
  • 100% Free Ireland

    When Britain granted Ireland its independence in 1922, they only ended giving a part of Ireland its independence. I bet New Englanders would have been pretty angry if they had took part in and won the American Revolution, but had to stay under British control. Ireland should be 100% free.

  • Unionists have no legal right to self determination

    I keep reading how granting a united Ireland would be to disregard what the people of Northern Ireland want however as the unionist population originally found themselves in Ireland because of plantation they, under international law, have no right to have a say. Only indigenous Irish have a say, the length of time that has passed plays no part either ie you can't argue that your family have been there for centuries if they were originally British planters. Ireland was the beginning of the British empire which has long gone, time to do the right thing and at least try and make up for 800 years of occupation.

  • Scandinavian oppression is over as I've said

    It's time for the Anglo-Saxon nation to do the right thing and let go of Northern Ireland (and it's also time Denmark let go off of Greenland already, enough with the repression). It's repressive towards the Irish and unfair to them. It's been a long time full of terror. Time for the tyranny and atrocities to stop.

  • ...And Justice For All.

    Perhaps it is my Irish ancestry getting to me, but at this point, we are out of the age of imperialism and colonization. The northern region should be free to do as they please, perhaps joining the Commonwealth. I'm more concerned about easing tensions between the IRA and Northern Ireland, which as of now includes teaching younger generations that there are no tensions.

  • What a strange way of wording the idea

    Well, really it's not: it's the same inflammatory language used by those who wish to oppose the democratic will of Northern Ireland, who wish to stay in the Union, and would rather resort to insulting rhetoric and violent force. Northern Ireland ought to remain part of the union as long as they wish to remain part of the union, and to disagree is to cast disdain on the principles of self determination which granted and justified the Republic of Ireland to have independence in the first place.

  • Strange set of wording

    The North supports being under the union and the south wants independence hence the split. It's like treating North Korea and South Korea as one country. Ireland just has differences too great to reunite completely at this present time. The people of North Ireland deserve their right to stay in the union as they please. Also the the reign of terror would refer to the IRA bombing campaign on parts of England.

  • The protestant population needs to have its say.

    If the British gave the south power they would end up needing to bring back British forces as a result of the protestant uproar and the reemergence of loyalist paramilitary's on an unprecedented scale. The Irish military could not control the situation, therefore Northern Ireland would enter a new "troubles"

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