• The Bill of Rights does not cover all of the rights that shoulld be afforded to you.

    The Bill of Rights is a wonderful document but there is always room for improvement. There are things that no one has thought to include yet. For example, you do not have the right to good health. That should definitely be included. Also, some articles in the Bill of Rights are open to interpretation. These matters ought to only have one interpretation.

  • Yes, the bill of rights needs to be updated.

    The Bill of Rights is a great document. Perhaps the best document ever written by any federal government. But, one has to realize that this was written by a bunch of men who went to the bathroom in chamberpots and wrote by candlelight with ink quills. Times have changed, and so should federal documents.

  • Don't ever trouch The Bill Of Rights

    The Bill of Rights is something that is very sacred and should never be touched. It does not matter what you think will make it better or worse, but as long as it is what it is, it should stay that way, as that is what the United States was founded on, and thus stay that way!

  • No, the Bill of Rights should stay as it is.

    The Bill of Rights needs to remain as it is. It states basic rights and any discrepancies or clarifications are settled in a court of law. Attempts to revamp the Bill of Rights would result in total chaos. Every special interest group would be lobbying to add to it or make amendments. It would never again be the respected document that it is right now.

  • No need to change them

    The Bill of Rights themselves can't actually be changed, really; the only thing that can really be done is to add another amendment to the Constitution that would supersede those documents. Still, the Bill of Rights is incredibly up to date today, except for the one gathering the quartering act.

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