Is it time for Third parties to become more prominent? (USA)

Asked by: WillRiley
  • It gives more options.

    Many people feel pressured to accept only Democrat or Republican ideas and will not go back and forth. But what if their views are not fulfilled by either party? A third party would be great because it would give people more options. It is time to establish some sort of in between instead of making politics black and white.

    But of course it would be even better to have no parties at all. Because most people think they need to stay loyal to one party, they ignore all ideas coming from the other party, even if they are good. Democrats and Republicans do not get along, and because Congress is divided into these two parties, either the Senate or the HoR will likely reject a bill simply because it is proposed by the opposite party. If politics were more about accepting good ideas and less about competition, more would be accomplished.

  • The Establishment of Both Parties are bad for the Nation.

    I believe that the nation needs to resort to a third party because both the Republicans and the Democrats are not the right option for the country. We have been forced to vote for the lesser of two evils for too long. Also, we don't just need Republicans to go third party, because that just takes away votes, insuring victory for the other side. People should be able to run on their beliefs, not on how they can get elected. Ron Paul needs to be able to run as a Libertarian and have a chance, as well was whoever else should go third party.

  • More parties more problems.

    If you think trying to get two parties to agree is difficult try three or five or 150. Nations with multiple party systems are historically inefficient. Italy has well over 100 registered political parties, all of whom have yet to elect a president and keep them in office for over a year. The two party system is more pragmatic than it is anything. Third parties needlessly complicate a laborious process that Americans barely pay attention to anyway.

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