• Yes, corrections should be issued.

    Like most Americans, I believe that Wall Street has an obligation to issue corrections and apologies for their behaviour over the recent years. I think the real issue here is if Wall Street will ever change their ways, regardless of correction. I find it hard to believe that these individuals who have never cared for anyone else but number one would have a change of heart and begin operating with morals and ethics.

  • The time has come for Wall St. to change dirrection

    It is long overdue for Wall St. to change its values and tactics in a world that screams for change. Instead they keep with the same tactics that have allowed the same event happen over and over. Without some kind of change within Wall St. they will never meet the challenge that is come.

  • Yes it is

    Taking into account the recent state of the economy and the current slow economic recovery it is not unreasonable to expect there to be a Wall Street recovery. The big bankers are certainly expecting such an action to kick start the upturn in the economy. It is time for Wall st to issue a correction.

  • Yes, but it won't happen.

    Obviously, those on Wall Street have been working according to their own rules for a long time and these rules benefit the higher ups in each of these big firms. So yes they should be giving apologies and corrections to their behaviors of recent years, but they have a strong lobby and never will.

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