Is it time to change baseball because of a bad call?

  • New Instant Replay Rules in Effect

    Starting with 2014, new instant replay rules are in effect. Further, technology can be implemented eventually that can take some of the guesswork out of the game. Baseballs can have transmitters and sensors implanted in them. Gloves, shoes, bats and player uniforms can also have sensors connected to computers. When the ball crosses the plate, sensors or lasers surrounding home plate can notify the umpire that the ball has crossed home plate. Sensors in the uniform can track if the ball crosses the player's strike zone. Bases can have sensors in them that gauge when a runner's foot touches the bag as the ball gets to the player's glove. Baseball is, perhaps, the easiest sport to implement a laser/sensor system to detect whether plays are valid or not. The price of such systems are immense and ticket prices will skyrocket, but the technology would be very, very cool!

  • It is time to change baseball because of a bad call.

    It is time to change baseball because of a bad call. The use of video replay has already been proven useful in baseball and can help avoid a bad call if necessary. I would not like to see the game change into a football type arguing between coaches but if it used in certain situations then it can really help what happened recently. He had almost a perfect game under his belt.

  • Baseball Shouldn't Change

    I do not believe it is time to change baseball, especially not just because of a bad call. The rules of baseball have facilitated the game for long enough that they shouldn't need to be continually adjusted, in doing so, it could show favor to certain players or teams. I think it is best to leave it as is.

  • 1. Bad calls are part of the game. 2. Replays undermine the umpire's authority.

    1. Bad calls add to the blood racing excitement of the game. We need that for a fun and occasionally blood boiling game. Some fans get into fights because of these bad calls with the opponent's fans, but this is the fan's problem.
    2. Umpire's are no longer needed with replays. Anyone can generally see the difference between a ball and a strike. But the reason we need umpires are to make the calls that are a bit tricky. If replays replace umpire's calls, this leads to there being no point of using umps.

    Posted by: mir9
  • To err is human.

    Bad calls have happened throughout the history of baseball. That's just the nature of humans, they sometimes make errors because they don't always observe things in a pure way. Changing baseball won't do much to make things fairer, though umpires who are consistently shown to make bad calls should be replaced.

  • No, baseball should not be changed because of a bad call.

    Human elements can sometimes impact a baseball game in the form of a bad call. I don't think this is a reason to change the game. They have installed instant replay in several sports now. I think it slows down the pace of the game and is rather annoying. The umpires usually get it right anyway.

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