• Competition is good

    There needs to be more competition, competion gives companies a reason to innovate. Currently, Microsoft Bing is rising in market share, and Google is falling. That is good. Another reason is that Google tracks everyone's data, knowing more about you than the US government does.

    Google is hypocritical. Elinor Mills, a reporter with the tech news service cnet, ran a search on Google CEO Eric Schmidt and published the results: Schmidt lived with his wife in Atherton, California, was worth about $1.5 billion, had dumped about $140 million in Google shares that year, was an amateur pilot, and had been to the Burning Man festival. Google threw a fit, claimed that the information was a security threat, and announced it was blacklisting cnet’s reporters for a year, yet it itself collects so much data about its users.

  • Stop tracking me

    Google is making our personal life public with Google AdSense and what not. There's little security. Rather than enhancing communication, it's leading to cyber crimes. Google's reign has to be curbed to some extent so that it won't give others the power to obtain our personal details.

  • Enough is Enough.

    There's a reason we have copywright laws. People need to get paid for the work they do. However, Google does not respect these laws and gives away people's work for free. Google has destroyed the publishing business and taken away many jobs. What should be considered stealing, Google is praised for. This is ridiculous and immoral. Enough is enough.

  • Yes

    Google is for net neutrality, government are for net censorship, Google stands in their way, so you can hear the media hate-machine rumbling to life to shape the opinions of americans. It's like trying to convince a security guard to stop guarding the treasure trove so the friends can rush in and take the treasure. Just imagine if you could tax everybody's internet connection. My god it would be like taxing the vocal chords in your neck for using them to utter copyrighted thoughts. These computers will become our minds and our government is trying to own them before we realize its magnificent power. Hands off my computer government, it's not yours, t's my brain and you have to give rights to my computers as well as my brain. We need to start writing up a constitution for this stuff before the government basically seizes everyone's brains/smartphones/computers as "theirs". And we wake up mindless automatons on the land our fathers conquered.

    Posted by: Jhon
  • Google does nothing wrong

    This may sound biased, but you only give up what information you put out in the first place. Also, have you ever been to one of google's workplaces? They treat their employees wonderfully and there are some pretty demanding entry 'tests' to get a good position at google. Competition can exist around google simply because google demands the best people in the populace to work there.

    Google also just happens to be, for general people, a search engine. One search engine is going to always be on top. Whether it's the interface or relevance in the searches, any form of monopoly is decided by the people. It's a website, there's no reason another competitor can't simply become better and steal some of google's traffic.

    Bing is doing a nice job on relevant searches. It's currently the only popular search engine that wont deter you from trying to kill yourself. All other search engines besides bing will put a suicide help site/ phone line first. If I ever want to kill myself, I'll certainly not use google. Otherwise, google gets about 99% of my traffic.

  • No

    No. The last I knew, Google was not doing anything illegal. I think Google has provided a very nice service in their search engine. However, if Google decides to regulate the peoples use of their service then that would be a problem. It is possible the government may need to get involved to keep services from taking advantage of people.

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