• Due Process or set free

    People, especially people held without due process of law, should be tried and convicted or set free to live their own lives. The military tribunals are just used to circumvent US and international law. We should not tolerate this injustice just because those involved are not US citizens. We need to follow the treaties and laws we have agreed to.

  • Yes, they are basically a sham process.

    The military tribunals held at places like Guantanamo Bay are not acceptable under international law and in some cases are even questionable under the American Constitution. If someone is suspected of a crime, then the regular legal system in the US is adequate to judge them and hand out a punishment. Keeping people isolated and using a process without the same protections is just a way of delaying due process and getting around the law.

  • No, while Guantanamo is open, military tribunals should be continued.

    Guantanamo Bay detention center creates the need for a form of trial that takes into account its liminal quality – while it is on American soil, its detainees are not American citizens, but are enemy combatants from countries that the United States has not declared war on. Some form of justice should be available to these detainees, while at the same time protecting important state secrets. Military tribunals provide that protection, and are a good avenue for justice in an extraordinary circumstance.

  • No because it works!

    No. Military tribunals should go on. If these trials were in a public court, there could be military secrets or spying techniques that could be revealed and would give terrorist an advantage that they could us to further their violence. Revealing these things in public could result in operatives being exposed and killed.

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