• Yes, It is an Unnecessary and Costly Battle

    Police officers have been spending too much time tracking down people who are using and/or selling marijuana. Marijuana has had less of a negative impact on this country than alcohol, which is legal for anyone 21 and older. Drunk drivers have killed far more people than people who have used marijuana and drove. Most people who use it do so in their own homes and are not harming anyone but themselves. Taxpayers are spending thousands of dollars keeping Marijuana users in jail. This could be avoided if marijuana was made legal.

  • Absolutely, so much money and time wasted on such a pointless prohibition

    We spent so many years combating a drug that is in such high demand, which gives huge financial power to gangs. Leaving it unregulated, gives easier access to kids and the criminal organizations will continue making money. Arrest one dealer = 4 more ready to move in and replace. End this prohibition, legalize, regulate, and tax it. Lets have some common sense.

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