• Time to stop.

    The money is going to waste. The Israeli tax money is going straight to country renovations yet the settlers keep vandalizing and destroying the country anyway, and we are already in enough debt. The money can go to many better things such as a higher military income for soldiers or even our own country renovations, not that many citizens/ immigrants in the United States are any better with cities but that's besides the point.

  • America needs it more

    Israel is using the money given to them from OUR taxes to fund illegal settlements and make it seem victimized. In the USA, states such as Michigan, especially in Detroit would benefit from the money A LOT more than Israel would especially since Detroit is not as economically stable as the rest of America. End the occupation.

  • Yes it is.

    It is time to end the aid that the United States is giving to Israel. Israel is its own independent counrty and need to be able to take care of itself. The United States needs to spend more time focusing on aiding its own citizens and not citizens of other countries.

  • Israel Too Dangerous

    Israel is becoming too dangerous--they are setting up illegal settlements and testing the rest of the Middle East simply because the Israelis think they can. The only reason the United States gives so much aid to Israel is the first place is to have a close ally to the immense oil interests in the Middle East. Once the need for oil stops, the aid should stop as well. It's time to feed Americans with aid given to Israel, so stop feeding foreigners first!

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