• History, human behavior, other countries' experience and science, tell us the DEA is lying. And failing.

    The DEA is not only a failure at its stated mission, it is the solution that is causing the problem it was designed to solve.
    - Drugs have never been cheaper, more potent, more available than today. With a DEA 40+ year trajectory of forty-fold escalating expense that tracks with the DEA's trajectory of failure, history shows the more we spend on the DEA, the worse the problem is. It is time to abandon the DEA. See Portugal and other similar experiences for examples of success from the opposite approach.
    -The DEA is either incompetent or unwilling to deal with the real source of the "opioid epidemic", the dirt cheap, extremely potent synthetic drugs from China. They spend $50-80 billion of you tax dollars, an astronomic sum, attacking legitimate doctors and patients. They not only fail at their assigned task, they cause physical and financial ruin to patients and doctors. (Yes we have some bad doctors, but a tiny number). They spend massive tax $$ to dismally fail. Then they add the collateral damage of patients driven to the very drugs the DEA is supposed to control, because their doctors have been intimidated into refusing to care for them.
    -The DEA and other agencies have conflated the public health problem of illegal/recreational drugs, with the totally unrelated but also challenging problem of individualized complex patient care.
    - Data is seriously misrepresented. Overdoses are miscounted and obfuscated to achieve the media hysteria the DEA seeks, in order to justify its continued existence.
    -The worst critics of the DEA are ex-DEA agents.
    -Prescription numbers have been dropping since 2010. Doctors understood the problems of over-prescribing and were taking action long before the current hysteria. But that is never acknowledged. Media portrays the problem as though it is the DEA's punitive presence that is somehow improving healthcare in the face of ignorant physicians, when precisely the opposite is the reality. The most knowledgeable and compassionate physicians are rowing upstream against the real risks of action by an untruthful, well funded, punitive arm of the government, with its own, unpublicized agenda.
    -The one thing the DEA can do, in order to achieve the greatest success in reducing illicit drug use is to disappear. Yes, disappear. Completely. History (eg: prohibition), other countries (Portugal), and what we have known for 40 years about addiction as a psychological based, not chemical based, disease, support this with copious data. Even ex DEA agents support this.

    The vested interests that dominate the political climate, to the major detriment of the citizenry, will not be brought to heel without a very large outpouring of angry demand for the above changes, from millions of citizens jamming it down the throats of bought-and-paid-for elected representatives who have little grasp of the facts and only look to their financial supporters.
    Tell you congressman to disband the DEA. Save the $billions. What few meritorious functions of the DEA exist, can be easily transferred to other, more appropriate agencies.

  • The DEA Cause More Harm Than The Drugs

    The DEA are not at war with drugs but addicts. Addicts are easier to prosecute than the drug cartels, Asian opium growers, mafia, street gangs, dealers etcetera. The imprisonment of addicts causes crowding but is a lucrative business that harms society impeding imprisonment of violent offenders.

    The DEA is one part and the FDA is the other.

  • Stop torturing chronic pain patients to death

    Stop torturing pain patients with prohibition style actions & laws on prescribed opioids for pain relief depriving medical patients suffering & dying from chronic intractable pain are forced to suffer unimaginable high levels of pain because they are being blamed for the street drug abuse problems not caused by medical patients. Time & again it has been proven 97% of chronic pain patients don't abuse or become addicted to their opioids medications. But still medical pain patients are being punished for street abuse & pain patients are not only suffering but are dying because of it.

  • The New 3rd Reicht

    Let's not consider anyone as a human who takes any pain reliever. Let's put them through hell for daring to be a pain patient. We are better off without them in the world. Yes, this is the DEA attitude! Wake up people, Get rid of this over zealous hate! The DEA IS NOT HUMAN! What ever happened to the American Disabilities Act? Why won't we all sue for discrimination on the sick?

  • The DEA rips families apart, destroys communities, overloads our prisons with people who shouldn't be there, and they murder innocent puppies.

    DEA policy on family dogs during a drug raid, any drug raid, no matter what, if there's a dog present, it is to be executed on sight. We're forced to pay for this... We pay for cold-blooded psychopaths with fully automatic sub-machine guns and DEA badges to bust down people's doors and murder their pets. This is "freedom"..? What kind of country do we really live in?

  • Eliminate The DEA

    The DEA creates AND enforces the laws it's created. Without any checks or balances the DEA was destined to become corrupt and serve itself over all else. That's where we are today - the DEA is a paramilitary force that ignores science and research, the Bill of Rights, our civil rights and the laws of the United States of America in order to enrich its own coffers.

  • Get rid of dea, as a disabled veteran, the dea makes my life more miserable

    I need strong pain relief because of pancreatic disease from chemical exposure in the USAF. The DEA is ruing what quality of life I have left. They make it impossible for me to get adequate pain relief. I hope the DEA rots in hell for the hell they put me and other sick and disabled vets through...

  • What I put into my body is my choice

    I'm young male in my early thirties. I'm not an addict or a junkie. I graduated with a 4 year degree and a 3.92 gpa. I work in a professional profession.

    Over the past 10 to 15 years I have tried drugs ranging from mdma to various painkillers/antidepressants. I've snorted good cocaine and smoked gram after gram of marijuana and k2. I've even tried at least 10 different experimental substances during the "bath salt" craze 5 or 6 years ago.

    Drugs haven't destroyed my life. They have enhanced it. I have experienced highs that are simply not possible to attain without "substance abuse." There are some substances that I would agree shouldn't be legal, however, government should not be able to dictate what I do with my life. There are some experiences that are worth the risk - and that should be my choice. Not the DEAs.

  • The DEA is out of control

    The DEA is out of the people's control and instead is being used by the Government and big business to regulate what we can and cannot have. It is clear in our country that people want legal marijuana, yet the DEA refuses to reschedule. Now, they want to add Kratom, a natural remedy touted for its pain relieving properties, to Schedule 1. This is ridiculous. Meanwhile, drug companies kill tons of people each year with prescription pain pills.

  • DEA does more harm than good and loses sight of the true crime.

    Focusing the fight on the drugs and the drug addicted is the wrong focus. The argument sounds legitimate, the drug trade causes other crimes that are violent. However, the problem with that is that we already have laws against violent crimes. Enforce the laws that matter and put the focus back where it belongs.

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