• No to the electoral college

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  • Lose the Electoral College

    The president is supposed to be elected by a majority of the people, or at least those that vote. The complicated, indecipherable electoral college system has too often had results that differ from the popular vote. There is also the question of "qualified voters" which makes voter suppression far too easy, and it is happening now.

  • Time To Get Rid Of the Eletoral College

    I personally think that it is time to get rid of the electoral college and elect the president directly. I personally think that it is time to get rid of the electoral because it has been about 500 elections so it is final to elect the president directly. i personally think that it is time because the government had to go through a process.

  • The electoral college is outdated.

    Yeah, it's time to get rid of the electoral college. A couple hundred years ago it made a lot of sense, but in the modern age it's just an archaic relic that should be done away with. I'ts not democratic if a president can lose the popular vote, yet win the electoral college.

  • Elect him directly!

    Get rid of the electoral college. It seems quite unjust to a lot of Americans that their votes do not even always count. It depends on where they live and how large their state is. It is time to just use the numbers and give people an equal voice in the vote everywhere in the country.

  • Don't get rid of the electoral college

    The founding fathers put the electoral college in place so America could run smoothly and it has worked for quite a long time. This is how America works; we elect people that make the laws for us (basically). Besides, there can be times when the population is wrong! Saying we should get rid o the electoral college is like saying" Hey! Let's get rid of the Senate and make the laws ourselves!" The electoral college is fundamental for our country running smoothly.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that the electoral college is a very good system, and there is a reason that it has been used since this country was founded. It is the best way to elect the person who is going to lead our country, and I do not think we should change it.

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