• For the Future of ALL humanity.

    Every countries citizens should march on their capital and demand their power back.

    The younger generation must fix what the older generation has messed up. Greed, Corruption, Oppression, Intolerance, Poor distribution of Wealth and Resources, hostile relations, debt, etc.

    We need to re-think what we are doing, stop following outdated traditions of war and greed and start organizing.

    Supply amazing education for the people, free medical assistance to all those who need it, clean water and air, develop the developing countries, spread peace with words and treaties not with the barrel of a gun ( Looking at you US ), and fund Science development towards agriculture and medicine. Etc

    We spend our few resources fighting and killing, rather then building and growing.

    War Destroys what Peace Builds.

  • Yes it is.

    We are facing some serious issues in this country when it comes to Science, Education, and the Planet. Big changes were made because of the march in 1963, and big changes are necessary now. It is time to stop being complacent robots. We, the younger generation, need to stand up and fight for what is right and necessary.

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