Is it time to quit investing American Federal dollars in turning corn into Ethanol?

  • The market will fix it.

    All of the big oil companies have an arm of research and development. If there is money to be made in corn Ethanol, there are always people who want to profit. The private companies will pick up the research if there is any chance that there is good money to be made.

  • It is time to quit investing American federal dollars interning corn into ethanol

    It is time to quit investing American federal dollars interning corn into ethanol. The only reason this program exists is payola two farmers across America who stand to benefit financially, While the rest of us pay for it at the pump. This has nothing to do with clean air, or lowering the price of fuel. Just follow the money. Once again politicians have been paid to enact bad legislation.

  • Cleaner and cheaper

    Ethanol production is a great thing! It provides cleaner fuel and a cheaper price for this fuel. Living in Iowa, I see how important Ethanol production is for our environment and our economy. We need to continue this production, and hopefully will be able to do it without the federal money at some time.

  • Ethanol is still a valuable resource.

    Ethanol is so widely used in this country, I'm not sure why government would want to stop investing in it. Corn is one of the largest agricultural products in the US. If it is cutting down on our dependency on foreign oil, and cutting down on greenhouse emissions, this would be the primary reason to continue use of ethanol. If not, then we should reconsider.

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