Is it time to recognize that the second coming of Jesus IS a myth?

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  • Along with other mythologies.

    Religion has, throughout history, served its purpose in keeping the peace. For over a thousand years now, however, humanity has been able to do this on its own, yet religion has persisted. Christianity, as the world's most widespread religion, has billions of followers, many of which are very devout. However, just because the majority hold an opinion, doesn't mean it's right. While there is some evidence for the existence of God and the second coming, it's very flimsy, and the evidence against such things outweighs it to an almost infinite power. People need to learn to accept things for what they are, as opposed to continuing with their current wishful thinking.

  • It's mythological like any other religion.

    The writers of the New Testament books were certain "Jesus" was returning and the "end times" coming within their own lifetimes. Every single generation has had Christians declaiming that we were in the "last days" and that Jesus would be coming back in their own time- they've all been wrong. Two thousand years of wrong, people. Let it go. It's not happening.

  • Christianity Is In Crisis: It Is Time To Recognize That The Second Coming Of Jesus IS a Myth.

    The Jehovah Witnesses have calculated the prophetic seven times, at the end of which the Messianic kingdom of the Lord must be established, to have ended in the year 1914, from the departure time of the year of the carrying away of the Hebrews to Babylon. They claim that Jesus became king in the heavens in 1914, which is inconsistent with the prophecies which describe the event as something that all eyes will see, which if it took place in the heavens no one would be able to see the face of the Lord. I don’t agree with the departure time of the J W and have arrived at one of which it is that of the year when the Hebrews were freed to return and rebuild the temple, which means that with the use of a good calendar to calculate the seven times, I have arrived at 2005 being the end. One thing is sure and that is that the seven times have been completed and the second coming of Jesus has not taken place and all those who preach it should recognize its failure and stop doing so and instead start seeking to get to know the truth about the kingdom of the Lord.

  • Ofcourse we should.

    To be perfectly honest, we probably shouldve had this recognized as a myth several hundred years ago. But it doesnt seem like theres always going to be a lot of people believe in the second coming of jesus. Even if we are all about to die in a nuclear holocaust.

    Posted by: Izic
  • No, it's not...

    Christianity is not in crisis. Just because Jesus said he would be back and he is not back yet does not make it a myth, it just means Jesus isn't back yet and that's all. There is no reason and there is no proof that Christ is not coming back, people are just saying that because they don't want to be accountable to a all-powerful God.

  • Patience is a virtue

    That line seems to be pretty cliche, but don't we all need patience in our daily activities? Waiting for the bus to come, waiting for your parents to pick you up, or waiting for the ice cream truck to come to your neighborhood. If they were taking too long, one would have the feeling that they are never going to come, but they end up appearing. Jesus' second coming may be taking too long in our own timing, but in God's timing, He is already on the way. Its these times that we have to prepare ourselves for His coming so that we can be fit for Him to take us away.

  • Christ the King

    How can you even think about such things. Jesus is coming, And I'm saying he's gonna come man! Believe it or not you have to be answerable to him one day of your life because he's God. King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Jesus Christ is coming soon. Be ready!

  • The Bible says that no one knows the day or the hour that Jesus will return.

    And even at that, not even Jesus himself knows when the Second Coming will take place. Only God the Father knows when the right time for it to happen will be. The whole purpose for Jesus coming to Earth, dying on the cross, and then be raised from the dead was to reconcile humanity back to God the Father.

  • Jesus is coming soon

    Just because the authors of the New Testament believed Jesus would come back in their time, does we can't expect his return soon. In fact, it was not even a possibility until 1949, when Israel was established as a nation once again. So, it does not matter that Jesus hasn't returned yet, because he still can and still will, just wait.

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-24T20:42:33.467
I really don't see the point of this Opinion survey.
Christ TOLD his followers that he'd return.
He didn't say when.
So what would be the point of deciding he won't return?
As I understand it, a myth is something that apparently may
or may not have happened in the past -it wouldn't apply to the future.
My name wasn't Jesus-
I had a Hebrew name, pronounced Yeshua.
I've already returned.
It sure is Good to be Back & Awake Again!