• The War On drugs Must be Stopped

    The War on drugs is a spending pit and a complete failure. They try to stop the drug flow but they have failed miserably. The operation is expensive and it has caused the tax payers millions of dollars. The worst part is the fact that their policies simply are not working.

  • Yes the War on Drugs should be reduced

    It is a burden on the taxpayers, and on the police force that is supposed to be fighting crime. What someone chooses to do of their own accord is not a crime and should not be treated like one. That more people are in jail and for longer sentences for the choice to smoke or inhale a drug, while those with far more serious offenses either get off the hook or get lightened prison time, is a huge injustice.

    We need to focus on the REAL crime in this country, and stop trying to make it up where it doesn't really exist. So yes I am fully in favor of reducing if not ending entirely the War on Drugs.

  • The time is long overdue.

    The "War on Drugs" is a futile war that cannot be won. People will always want drugs, and the best thing to do is ensure they can get them safely and in a way that allows them to get them without destroying society for everyone else. Prison overcrowding will also become less of a problem without a lot of drug offenders clogging up the system.

  • Legalizing Marijuana Easiest Thing to Do

    The federal government should legalize and regulate marijuana. It will reduce the number of criminals in jail that crowd out the court system. The government can regulate the amount of THC in marijuana cigarettes and tax the products to earn more money for the U.S. Treasury. Tax dollars from the proceeds can be put back into the criminal justice system to catch "real" criminals such as rapists, sex abusers, drug lords and white-collar criminals. Stricter laws can be put on the books to deal with marijuana use such as driving while stoned. An entire marijuana growing industry can come about with companies who market these types of products, creating jobs. Cheaper marijuana in America means no more Mexican drug lords transporting goods illegally to the United States.

  • We need to enforce laws that are designed to protect decent law abiding citizens.

    Why should any government stop enforcing laws that are designed to protect decent law abiding citizens, if people in crime think the governments will bow to pressure over drugs, then what's next? Maybe if that's the thinking, then we should lower ages of consent for sex so sex offenders will be able to get their fix. We should also maybe allow some murders, just the ones that need to be done so its more convenient for the types of scum who do drugs in the first place. No, it is not time to reduce the war on drugs; the drug addicts need to be disciplined not rewarded. They should find other ways to keep sane.

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