• Yes, as the question asks... Should the war on drugs be scaled back?

    It is not cost effective. The war on drugs is a losing battle. No matter how much of the nations taxes are spent to fight it, the drugs will continue to funnel into the US. There are many other things that the country could spend that money on. Plus, if it wasn't for drug arrests, the penal system would actually have plenty of room to house violent offenders.

  • Make Marijuana Legal, Require Prescriptions for Pseudoephedrine

    There are two important ways we can scale back the war on drugs and make a little tax revenue in the process. First, make marijuana legal on a recreational basis. The government can tax the pot cigarettes. Legalizing marijuana reduces court cases and makes the drug cartels in Mexico broke. Second, make pseudoephedrine drugs by prescription only to prevent meth heads from getting their hands on ingredients to cook the illegal drug in the first place. Those two steps eases the war on drugs considerably until something new comes along.

  • Hell f%!! No

    Drug users and drug dealers all need to be imprisoned . No exceptions. We need to continue the war on drugs to keep our kids safe and stop criminals from selling them. Weed, coke, heroine it all ruins people's lives and careers. Say goodbye to this country I'd they legalize it

  • No, drugs kill people.

    No, it is not time to scale back the War on Drugs, because drugs are very dangerous. If the war on drugs were taken more seriously, there might be more progress. Unfortunately, with the legalization of marijuana, people do not understand how dangerous drugs are. The public perception is that it is not worth pursuing.

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