Is it time to stop talking about racism in America? (See my comments under yes vote for understanding)

  • Time To End This Racism Nonsense

    I am original poster and this is my explanation of headline:

    Yes, I know there was racism in America. Yes, I know there still is racism in America. As a white man, even I have experienced racism toward me. Growing up the only white kid on the block all the way to to today living close to the Mexico / U.S. border I have been unable to escape it. Out of all the non-white people I have interacted with in my life, the number of them that actually know my name could probably be counted on my fingers. Most of these individuals verbally address me as white boy, whitey, Eminem, vanilla, miracle whip, mayo, cracker, saltine, white bread, wonder bread, under cooked, Vanilla Ice, Full House, and every other noun having anything even remotely to do with my skin color. I was constantly pushed around, picked on, singled out, jumped, excluded from everything, made to feel like I didn't belong, and more.

    Did that keep me from success? No. Did I use it as an excuse or crutch? No. Did it damage me in any way? No. Did it hold me back? No. What it DID do was build some tough skin, learn to stand up for myself, earn respect and not expect it, and learn to defend myself; I broke a nose for the first time in 2nd grade, got myself kicked off the bus at the same time. I even got singled out by the school; I got suspended for 3 months in second grade for verbally defending myself against a group of guys in the middle of class, I got put in a supply closet in the nurse's office for three months with no chance of an education and they got no punishment at all. So yes, I am a victim of racism and have been my entire life; even as a white kid.

    However, being an adult now, I have seen a lot and learned a lot. What have I learned? I have learned that even though desegregation only occurred 50 years ago, racism has very quickly gone virtually extinct in America. Those guys from when I was young had no idea what they were doing or what they were saying to me.

    I have found that my generation and our parents don't see color in racist terms, we see each other as people, generally speaking. As I got older and started experiencing different areas of this great nation, I noticed that racism is virtually gone. There are those groups that use the word racism as an excuse for their own failures, stupidity, and lifestyles and even some that jump on the racism bandwagon just to fit in with a group they find attractive. However, I have found very few individuals that are truly racist and hate another person because of their skin color. The ones I have found are generally grumpy old men from the '60s and '70s generation and their wives.


  • It makes people feel bad

    We should'nt talk about it even if we belive in it coz if you can't say something nice...Don't bother to say anything..It really fed me up when people are rasist i can't even see a point about why we should be divided by race we are all the same?????Asians are not that good at math..I'am asian and belive me in my class theres only less than 4 math genius and the rest are normal we should'nt talk about it still

  • We No Longer Need to talk About It

    Everyone in this country is treated equally. There is no good reason to think that a certain race cannot achieve the same thing as another race. The only problem this country has with racism, is talking about it too much. If we all stopped making racism seem like a big deal, it would not be such a big deal.

  • Racism is a excuse that people have been using to win food stamps and other favors from the government

    For gods sake please stop crying like a baby. If racism was really that prevalent no black would have been successful. Just because you are asked to move your butt a little more and asking to stop expecting undue favours does not make this county racist.
    I myself am an immigrant from india. No where have I seen so much openness as I see in US. If racism was really an issue it would be coming out as an issue not just from blacks but from Hispanics, Asians and others who do not have white skin. But I hardly hear any such complaints from anyone other group. Time to grow up guys. Leave this country alone. It is peaceful and please do not start riots on the name of racism. Grow up. Period.

  • This country is BUILT on racism.

    Racism is a cornerstone of American history and persists today: we stole land that rightfully belong to Native Americans and continue to relegate them to reservations where they live in abject poverty; we enslaved black people for more than two centuries, and once we finally granted them freedom, we treated them as subhuman until the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, and STILL today they are marginalized in the social system and repeatedly brutalized by the police; in the 1930s, we forcibly relocated 2 million Mexican people to Mexico, 1.2 MILLION OF WHOM WERE U.S. CITIZENS, and today, we think of them as little more than the maids at our hotels and the workers in our fields; we forced thousands of Japanese-Americans into internment camps following the attack of Pearl Harbor, and today, we subject Asian-Americans to insulting stereotypes and discriminate against them in the college admissions process. It is NOT a relic of a bygone era. Racism is real today.

    It only happens to blacks? Au contraire. It happens to every single minority I listed, and I've experienced racism as a Jewish woman. Tell me: how do you think I felt when people defaced my belongings with swastikas? When they said, "Of course you're good with money--you're a Jew!"? When they called me a kike? When they told me I was a "dirty cockroach who needs to die in a gas chamber"? When I actually had violence threatened against me because of my heritage? And you know what the terrible part of that is? The hatred I've experienced is NOTHING compared to what other minorities are forced to deal with.

    Racism is everywhere. It will NOT go away until we start talking about it. Your privilege does not take precedence over the belittling, discriminatory behavior millions of people are subjected to.

  • Because everyone knows that not talking about it will make it better.

    I have family in Texas and I'm always appalled at how prevalent the racism really is in some of the white communities. An example: having a store called Ni**er Joe's (run by an ancient black man) that has a sign out front saying only two blacks are allowed in at once. Or the fact that my Uncle and his friends in the gated community still refer to Black people as "N**ro's" who "cause all the problems". I mean, this is just frightening.

  • Not talking about something doesn't make it go away.

    There was a time when women could not talk about being beaten or being raped - them not being able to talk about it meant that they had to continue to suffer from violence and sexual assault without any help from legal or societal authority. Now, we can talk about it, being able to talk about it has helped people realise when they are being abused and when to call a relationship off or call the cops. It's important and talking has lead to beneficial outcomes.

    Not talking about racism will not lead to less racism - it will merely push the issues 'under the rug' so to speak and those who feel as if they have been treated badly would not be able to speak freely within society. This is wrong. People should be allowed to speak about what they want to and if they believe that they are under threat they should be allowed to have their voice heard.

  • Racism needs to leave the politics and media. But is a topic for families and communities to address.

    Racism will always be around, the racist jokes are all over the internet and media. People will discriminate its against their nature. There will always be crimes against people based on their bigotry. However recently the media has been focusing on a very low % of hate crimes and using it to push an agenda and causing a larger rift in our nation. Parents should talk about racism to their children and teach them right and wrong. However the media and politicians need to stop fanning a flame of something that was just a small campfire that we know is there and work to overcome it.

  • This is a very ignorant question.

    As long as any form of racism remains in our society, we need to talk about it. It's scary to me that people think we can achieve equality without discussion. I could go on and on about this, but all you need to do if you are not convinced is pay attention to the news! Or Google race theory, read a narrative about discrimination, just try to understand the topic before you vote on this question.

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BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T10:22:01.727
It's still a problem and will most likely alway be