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  • Gmail is fantastic

    Gmail is an incredibly useful email provider. It's secure, provides a lot of storage, and provides access to other useful tools like Google calendar and drive. Millions of people happily use gmail every day. It's free, it's user-friendly. Why would it be time to stop using it? Sure some people are upset at Google for whatever reason, but the truth is Google provides users with a lot of utility and all it costs is a little breach in privacy.

  • Not at all

    Gmail is a free email and it is very reliable. I think that it is a good personal email system and one that a lot of people use. I personally think it is better than competitors such as ymail or hotmail. There are privacy issues that need to be considered, but overall it is good.

  • No, I don't think it's time to stop using Gmail.

    Gmail is a sleek and free email from Google that the world has widely adapted, unless Google changes something dramatically for the worse about it I don't believe that people should stop using Gmail and go to some other service, Gmail became so popular because it's so much better then anything else out there.

  • No Gmail is great

    No, I think that Gmail is great is a great service for checking and sending e-mails. Gmail continues to revolutionize how e-mails are sent and received, and it is free with a out lot of stroage available for users. Gmail has come a long way since its creation and only gets better.

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