Is it time to take a more hard-lined approached towards minor crimes like jaywalking?

Asked by: Diqiucun_Cunmin
  • Most people don't think twice before crossing at a red light.

    Jaywalking is a minor crime and most people won't get hospitalised because of it in their lives, but statistics show, as I remember, that quite a number of traffic accidents that resulted in injuries or even deaths was the result of jaywalking. It's understandable if you're almost late for work or school, but many people are so habituated that jaywalking has become more of a rule than an exception. They just walk whenever they don't see any imminent danger. Public displays of affection are another one. Most people don't even know it's a crime because it's almost never enforced, but unfortunately, more and more young couples have been cuddling in trains and parks as a result, ignoring the glances from people nearby. It's selfish and detrimental to our culture. These minor crimes should be enforced more often. People should be given more warnings and repeat offenders should be fined the amount required by statute. Only when people have become less accustomed to routinely breaking these crimes should enforcement be relaxed again.

  • This is a cost to our taxpayers.

    When you imprison somebody you are going to spend seventy thousand dollars a year to clothe them, feed them, and provide them with shelter at the expense of the taxpayer . Why would one want to spend money on detaining jaywalkers and the increased police force to hunt for them. I would rather my taxes go to places like education, roads, and global aid. It isn't reasonable to spend money in our judicial system where it could be invested in places that need the governments money.

  • Its very stupid

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  • Human life is still more important

    Human life is more important than a vehicle no matter what. Jaywalking that can cause cars to hit each other and endanger other lives is still the fault of the drivers as that shows they have no control of the vehicle and do not have the qualifications of a driver is a calm and controlled mind. If you can't concentrate on driving due to distractions you shouldn't be behind the wheel in the first place.

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