• Online Forums, Commenting Give Opinion Section Lesser Status

    With the advent of online forums, bulletin boards and the ability to comment and like things online, the opinion/editorial section of newspapers has become a dinosaur. Op/ed sections are just a way for readers to vent about issues and stories. Social media websites like Twitter and Facebook obviated the op/ed section years ago. With newspapers on the decline anyhow, that's one more page that won't be needed in 10 years anyway when hardcopy newspapers decline further thanks to online offerings.

  • The opinions section is evil!

    This is a very good question. I think that the opinions section has been spamming too much and ruining DDO. It is better to just have a debate or make a forum. I think that the opinions section has become too powerful on DDO and it is therefore time to nuke and destroy this evil organization.

  • No, I like the Opinions section.

    I'm assuming this question is about the Opinions section in newspapers, etc. If so, I personally like that section of the paper, because we can find out what community members are thinking about various topics of interest. This part of the paper also gives citizens the right to voice their opinions, which is something somewhat unique to our country. Some newspapers will print just about any opinion piece, for free, as long as the writer includes their full name and signature, and that is quite a gift toward anyone who wants to speak his or her mind.

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