Is it too early for the iPhone 6 to have problems with its operating system?

  • Yes, it's way too early.

    The iPhone 6 just barely came out. Maybe it has physical construction flaws, but the operating system is brand new and should be flawless. This is what Apple's customers, all of whom pay a high price for the products they buy, deserve. With time operating systems fail, but they should still be fast and great immediately after release.

  • iPhone 6 problems

    No it is never too early for an iPhone 6 or any other new product on the market to have a problem. Yes there may be more problems developed as the product becomes older but as far as the problems of bending as such it can happen as soon as you recieve it brand new.

  • No, new operating systems are bound to have hiccups.

    No, it isn't too early for the iPhone 6 to have problems with its operating system. I am not a developer or a programmer, but even as a consumer I know that the majority of new things are bound to come out with some problems attached. Take Sony PlayStations for example. When a new one comes out, or a new download update comes out, it never fails that soon after another update will be available that fixes the kinks of the last one that came out. It's the same with their games, there are glitches that have to be fixed. The important thing to focus on is how they go about fixing their mistakes. No is able to foresee every issue that could possibly occur in the future with something that they create. They do the best they can to take care of the most common, aggravating problems, and worry about everything else as it comes along. If they had taken more time developing the software, people would be complaining about how long it took them to come out with the iOS. Pick your poison.

  • There are always improvements.

    No, it is not too early for the iPhone 6 to have problems with its operating system, because any new operating system is going to have problems with it as soon as billions of people are testing it out at once. Microsoft had many problems every time they unveiled a new version of windows. This comes with the territory with tech.

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