Is it too late to do anything about global climate change?

  • I would love to say it's not too late but...

    Too much extreme weather is already happening all over the world and becoming much too common. Government is moving way too slow or not at all to have any noticeable impact. Governments of the world would need to coordinate and cooperate together. Seems like the average person is either to busy, think they can't make much difference, or just doesn't care. The brainwashing that goes on with the constant bombardment of commercials and ads you see every day to coax people into consumerism only adds to the pollution and waste. We also need some form of world wide population control but I can't see this ever going to happen so I guess mother nature will eventually take care of this for us but not in a good way.

  • Look To The Snow Cap Mountains

    Look to the lack of snow on The Himalayas, the North Pole' rapid ice melt, and the extreme weather conditions throughout the world, you have global climate change that is pretty much irreversible. Unfortunately, man' greed and need to deregulate carbon dioxide emissions has place Mother Earth in disarray. She needed help, and mankind failed her.

  • There is just no political will to tackle it.

    All politicians do is make the right noises - just enough of a sound bite to appear sincere. When it comes to real action they just don't have any fight in them. They know if they wait it will be someone else's problem.

    Tackling climate change will mean tackling capitalism and that is simply asking too much. Public debate is dominated by economics and our economy is fueled by consumerism. Corporations by their very nature are entirely focused on ever larger profits. Caring for the planet is not even on their to do list.

  • Yes, but not because of technology

    The will is gone, confused under those who are in denial and those who profit from destroying the environment. They will continue to block and confuse the subject until we are completely ineffective. Just like congress right now. It's not about what is right for these people; it is about greed and what is convenient for them.

  • Yes it's too late to do anything about global climate change

    I say that because these things have happened in the past, such as the ice age, and will continue to happen again in the future. Nothing we do or don't do can effect that fact. Is there things we could do to minimize damage to the environment we have presently? Yes absolutely there are. But just because we do those things doesn't mean we can avoid what is called "global warming" or "global cooling" as they will happen regardless of us. So yes it's too late to do anything about global climate change, because it is a constant in the world and always will be.

  • Real Scientists Will Agree

    The amount of change to CO2 by any of the agreements (Kyoto, Paris, whatever) will not affect the temperature by any significant measurable amount. The IPCC report actually says this, but politicians ignore. The only way to stop climate change is to stop driving ALL cars, stop using electricity, and start living in large scale housing complexes with < 1000 sq ft for a family of 4. That's never going to happen.

    Instead of wasting all this time and money on climate change we should instead develop and distribute clean water techniques to the world, as well as farming techniques and equipment, and when that's still not enough, food to the hungry.

  • Yes, is late

    Scientists have been saying for a while that we have until between 2015 and 2020 to start radically reducing our carbon emissions, and what do you know: That deadline’s almost past! Crazy how these things sneak up on you while you’re squabbling about whether global warming is a religion. Also, our science got better in the meantime, so now we know that no matter what we do, we can say adios to the planet’s ice caps.

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  • Yes it is too late to do anything about climate change.

    Around the 1970s the government had been informed about global climate changes.But,no actions has been taken.After 46 years, we are facing extinction,but no one is willing to take action.For 46 years we had been polluting the oceans,for 46 years ,we had dig out so many coal from the ground.There is no way we could save our planet in this kind of state....

  • Global climate change.

    Yes , It is true that we are too late on global climate change.The green house gases that are evolved in our environment can't be get out of it.I agree that the government is taking preventive steps but now it's too late.
    But we should try to stop evolving these green house gases in our environment and prevent the use of vehicles or if using than install a purifier in it and etc etc

  • Never too late

    It is not too late. We can stop it if we try. Everybody is s lazy these days and does not try to help the environment.So if we try then we can help the environment. Everybody needs to help even if it is just picking up a piece of rubbish and putting it I the bin

  • Its never to late

    Climate change is what made us. The way to stop it is by taking down the big industries . Pollution has made a hole in the ozone layer making global warming happen faster. It is never too late to celebrate things so why is it to late to act. We can help stop global warming.

  • Damages to the environment can be fixed

    Its not to late to switch the damage done to the environment if we all work together and act serious we will be able to save the world. We cannot joke around. We have caused this problem and we need to fix it. Its a universl problem. We already have the materials to start so lets start now!

  • We're cutting it close.

    We have to get started quick. We can halt global warming and start recovering the earth if immediate action is taken from around the globe. People are not already taking action because there is a lot of money in the fossil fuels industry. People with that kind of money can take the little guy scientist down and convince the government that they should keep on mining and drilling. We got to start now and we got to start strictly.

  • You lose if you stop fighting

    No, It is not late for climate change, Earth has evolved in the past and if you take this in consideration then that means that climate change is Inevitable, solving It may be not attainable YET but preventing it from getting worse and mitigating its effect on us (softening its hit) could be the start for creating (or finding) the solution. Humans have also evolved and brilliant minds are among us now, The solution may not be here yet but I believe that HUMANITY will be able to solve it. IF YOU GIVE UP FINDING THE SOLUTION then that is when everything is too late.

  • While we are alive we owe our children we have to care and the animals and birds

    We can't not act we have to pass laws to ban cars and change our transport -we have to do everything we can to help the wild animals and insects or we will die for lack of food- we are part of nature it controls us we have to wake up and get out of our metal boxes and metal computers


    I say no to global warming cause ma mama aint raised no fool. She always teach me to be kind and noice and be one with nature!!!!! I aint gonna disgrace ma mama. You know what they say, smol on top, fat on bottom makes a good lady happy yes oh man.


    I say no to global warming cause ma mama aint raised no fool. She always teach me to be kind and noice and be one with nature!!!!! I aint gonna disgrace ma mama. You know what they say, smol on top, fat on bottom makes a good lady happy yes oh man.


    I say no to global warming cause ma mama aint raised no fool. She always teach me to be kind and noice and be one with nature!!!!! I aint gonna disgrace ma mama. You know what they say, smol on top, fat on bottom makes a good lady happy yes oh man.

  • NO, it's not too late

    It's never too late to do ANYTHING, trying is better than doing nothing, and is it worth trying? Yes, yes it is! The only that have to stop now is all those wars and all humans should work together, to fight for our lives, for the next generation. I have to admit, all human beings are selfish, including me! We cares about ourselves, we ONLY cares about our own money problem, our taxes, our health insurance... Etc, but we are all living on this planet, it's our responsibility to take care of it.

    In around 2010, a scientist predicted that in the year of 2012 is the end of the world, end of human race, hey but guess what? It's 2016 now! We are strong enough to survive this! But we still need to be stronger than this in order to win this battle!

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