• It is too late to stop the global superbug crisis

    It is unreasonable to think that we can stop the global superbug crisis. Instead, we should be studying the superbug and looking for ways to prevent any further developments and/or creations. We should be studying how this occurred and see in what way we contributed to the development. There is no way to undo what has been done, but we need to create a plan moving forward.

  • I might just be too late.

    In order to find an effective form of antibiotics to fight off new bacteria, there needs to be more time for research. We have no started research and the crisis is growing faster than expected. If we could turn back time to start on time then maybe it wouldn't be too late to save our selves from new forming bacteria.

  • The global superbug crisis sounds like a PR stunt.

    Whenever there is a sudden threat that appears out of nowhere, it is usually manufactured by a private interest, seeking instill fear as a catalyst for drumming up support for a specific cause. Typically that cause is more government control over medicine and the free market, but I can't say for sure if it is the same in this case, though it does seem as such.

  • Suberbugs-When will it be too late?

    Taking into account what current research says about superbugs, one could conclude that if we eased up on the use of antibiotics and antibacterial products, though there may be significant mutations in the favor of superbugs, it may come to a halt or be reversed enough so that it may not be too late. However, if there is not global participation, it may be only a matter of time before it is too late, and that time may be sooner than later.

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