Is it true, As liberals/leftists say, That the transgender female is equally female? Would straight males date (YES) or marry transgender females, OR NOT (NO)?

Asked by: jusfacts
Is it true, As liberals/leftists say, That the transgender female is equally female? Would straight males date (YES) or marry transgender females, OR NOT (NO)?
  • Yes, It's possible to date a transgender person and still be straight.

    While it is true that technically speaking, It's impossible to change your biological sex, You're still able to change it to be more accurate to the gender that you feel like. By extension, It is fully possible for a straight man to be attracted to a transgender woman who had things such as hormone therapy. Now, That's not to say that you can't have preferences, I'm just saying that you're sexuality doesn't magically know whether or not someone was born as a male or female.

    In conclusion: It's possible to date a transgender person and still be straight. If you're a straight man, You're attracted to feminine features regardless if the person is "actually a man".

    I also have a complaint about how vague the question is. For starters, I do not know what is meant by "equally female", Considering being female is "yes or no" as opposed to being a scale. As for the second question, I can't speak for all men, Let alone with just a simple "yes" or no". I'm also not dating, But I still felt like contributing to this debate. If I misunderstood the point of the question, Or the question itself, Feel free to correct me. I am also open to criticism.

  • Their brain is female in a male body.

    If they feel that they are a female, They are one. Imagine being born in the body of the opposite sex. You still feel like whatever sex you are now, Only the body is different. The reproductive stuff is not a part of this. This is about the brain, Not the physical stuff.

  • Transgender Women are of the Female gender

    Transgender women are of the female gender, Regardless of whether they are transsexual because they identify as women. In terms of gender, All trans women are equally female. Of course their are straight men who would date/marry a transgender woman. If you search the web, You will find trans women dating/married to straight men. Yes, They are rare, But of course these men exist.
    Even if our capability of give a biological male female body parts is limited, That does not make anyone less of a woman.
    Okay, Not all trans women are transsexual. That doesn’t mean that they can’t find a straight man to date/marry. Their are almost 8 billion people in the world now, And some of the straight males must be open to date/marry trans women.

  • All transgender women are women BUT you can't really answer their question yes or not all transgender women or straight men are they same

    All transgender women are women. If you are a straight guy dating a transgender woman, It is a heterosexual relationship.
    But there is no way one could say all straight men would date a transgender woman, Nor the other way around.
    Also, I would like to say some straight men are also transgender men.

    And either party could have differing genitalia and a preference for genitalia could be a deciding factor for if someone wants to enter a sexual relationship. Transgender women can have any kind of genitalia (including intersex variants). So can Transgender men.

    It is valid to not want to enter a sexual relationship if they do not have genitalia you prefer. But you should not assume what kind of genitalia one has based on their gender identity or appearance.
    Most people do not advertise what kind of genitalia they have unless they have and most do not want to talk about it unless they wish to propose a sexual relationship. So onlk ask if you want to pressure a sexual relationship

  • No it is a utter falsehood.

    A man will never ever be a woman. And it's really pathetically apparent when a "person" is a trap.

    Like why would a straight man want to date man in a dress? That's really gay, And if a tranny ever tricked me into having sex I would consider it self-defense to kill the perverted shitstain.

    I'd castrate them with a rusty f***ing fork.

  • Actions speak louder than words: Even the left doesn't believe this lie they peddle

    We are equally human, And that’s not the issue. Only a fool will want to argue that point based on the posed question.
    My take is that it would be extremely difficult to find, For example, A biological male, Who is strictly straight, Willing/open to dating a transgender female (biological male) as much as they are willing to date a biological female. If this is true, Then this is further indication that what the left says/screams and what the left believes are usually two completely different things. Perhaps, Because it makes them feel they are doing good, Even if they don’t believe what they say, And/or because they know the other side, The right, Would disagree and the fight about tolerance ensues. But in this case, These politicians are willing to cement this into law, Which makes this lie different. It dictates that we all better abide. What happened to “you having your truth and I having my truth”, As the left proposes? There’s another falsehood.
    The question is also relevant to transgender females only attracted to females and their willingness to date a transgender female as they would a biological female. A similar question regarding a willingness to date transgender males is relevant to straight females and to transgender males who like males. Sounds confusing?
    I am particularly curious to know how those on the left will answer this question, Assuming they will not just scream “offensive/hateful”.

  • A Male is not a Female

    Sadly, No. People have this thought that Males are able to be Females, And Females able to be Males. You cannot. You physically can not. It's not how biology works. It's not how a human works. The entire purpose of the human mind is to reproduce. And no, A Male who acts and feels female is not a female.

  • Absolutely not lol

    There are many medical reasons why they are not including but not limited to: Bone Density, Real working anatomy like ovaries that aren't someone else's. Many would eventually want their own kid, And not adopt.

    The male physical structure is loud and see-able most of the time making them physically unattractive to biological males; ESPECIALLY when they see that what's down below don't look right.

    Now people can hide behind costumes, And virtual avatars and shit but IRL straight dudes won't go for that; if they do then they aren't straight.

  • Basic biology says no

    No matter what people say, You can't change your gender- it is decided at birth by a pair of sex chromosomes, With women having two X chromosomes and men having an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. Depending on the arrangement of the two chromosomes, The individual will physically develop as either male or female, Hence why there are things that only men are capable of and things that only women are capable of. Otherwise, Why would it be sexist to attack only men or despise only women? Therefore, It is not bigoted to say "Once a man, Always a man, Once a woman always a woman. " Straight men are going against their sexuality by dating and marrying transgender women.

  • Lesbians disagree with you.

    Here is a hard core lesbian feminist that disagrees with you on the aspect that they are female.

    Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=aQns3VsYdd4

    Also the fact that transgender women are entering woman sports and destroying them, Because they're still men, And their bone structure and muscle tone doesn't go away when you snip snip.

    Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=I75kfAVF64A

    https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=aMWNCr1M8Jc

  • They're lying to themselves and others

    No straight man would ever stay with someone if they ever found out that someone was a dude in the past. There should be red flags like, The inability to have a kid and the way their down under looks if they ever try to get to 3rd base.

    There are plenty of news stories about straight men who were gullible enough to marry them, Found out about it, And divorced ASAP.

    No one likes being lied to, And it makes the straight guy feel like shit too.

  • Biological Facts Cannot Be Reversed

    Look towards biology, A science (not an opinion). Biology is fact. When you look at genetics and chromosomes, You must keep in mind there are a few combinations-- xx, Xy, Xxx, And xyy. Now, Xx is the female combination, Xy is the male combination, Xxx is female, And xyy is male. Xxx is very rare, And results in birth and developmental defects, As does xyy. There is also xxy (results in aggression and behavioral issues and is a FEMALE chromosome) and yyy (which results in death). There is also xo which is female and I believe the female is sterile. The combinations other than xx and xy, As you can see, Are birth defects-- mistakes. They are not, However, A completely different gender-- no matter what combination of chromosomes, If there are one or more y chromosomes, The person is a male, And if there are two or more x chromosomes, The person is a female. Something that transgender people might not understand is, You cannot change your chromosomes. I always like to use this analogy: if a woman who thinks she's a man and dresses as such dies and is not identified, She will be identified as a female, Because that is what biology says. Same goes for a male who wants to be a female. You can't change your gender, And as much as a guy wants to dress up in skirts and tube tops, That male will never ever be a woman. Ever.

  • If somebody has. . . The wrong. . . Parts down there. . . I wouldn't want to perform the. . . Natural obligation.

    I think I worded that so I wouldn't get canceled, Right? But yeah I only date cis women. Some people might be more open to it than me, And I still consider myself an ally to the LGBT+ community, But that doesn't mean I identify with it myself. As for the original question, I'm not really sure that liberals are saying that. The people who do say that are likely liberal but I don't think it works the other way.

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