Is it true/possible that women objectify themselves and therefore hinder the feminist movement?

Asked by: SeeminglySerious
  • If you don’t see it you will never see it.

    Women and young girls only act the way they do because of the examples set for them by society.
    Where some women, Hell maybe many may think they’re celebrating their sexuality in the end who do they flaunt it for? Don’t you dare say “myself” either because if you were really doing this for yourselves you wouldn’t have to post it all over SOCIAL media. What are you expecting to get from it? 100 likes? And what are those likes for? They’re for the photo of your body, Face and lack of clothing. Not your soul, Your heart and your mind. If you don’t see this as a problem you never will. Stop telling young girls that being “sexy” is a good thing. Because the end product is a sex object not a human. Spend the time empowering other women to be smart, And caring and progressive. You have nothing to offer the world if all you offer the world is your body. I am a feminist and I think women who willingly degrade themselves for likes are part of the problem.

  • Definitely on social media

    I am female business owner. I use social media to advertise. I have a male friend with a Facebook page and 90% of his friends are women. 89% of those women have selfies that are provocative and close up of their pouting expression or exposure of their cleavage. Some have photos of themselves in bikinis. That is all fine and they certainly have the right to do it. Now you get to the comments and you see they are predominately men of course. Saying things like beautiful, sexy, I want on top and more. Those girls eat this up. They love the attention. I personally think it's sad they feel the need to go on line and post those kind of pictures for attention. There are men out there looking for women who have that kind of photo as their main photo. The men send a friend request, the woman accepts it. The men are looking for a cheap thrill and the woman welcomes it because she wants the attention. Both sides are sick. Women should value themselves more and not feel the need to advertise their bodies online for men to see. There is no respect being given to a woman when she does this. There is a way to be sexy and stay classy. When you do that you will have respect from a man. Now some men are incapable of having respect for any woman. I don't blame them really when I see the way women are displaying themselves. Some women are classless trash and some men are pigs. There is always going to be a negative minority in any category. In this the classless trashy women seek the attention of the pig men. They both seem to be happy with it; however there is no respect on either side.

  • Women post slutty selfies of themselves.

    Women want to be treated as equals, but then say they can post slutty photos of themselves because it's "empowering." That's not empowering! They're sending an image to men that they are sluts and like sex. Why do they do this? They want men to like them for their body. They want men to objectify them.

  • Self objectification is a result of a patriarchal society

    The idea that women are objectifying themselves is an absolute issue with modern feminism. Many women don't realize the extent they go to trying to impress a man. This is a direct result of the social standards set forth in the modern media presenting women in movies, television shows and even during political conversations as some sort of eye-candy or prop. The current state of the popular portrayal of women has influenced how young girls think about themselves and resulted in many thinking they are nothing but something to a man. Even at a young age girls are taught they should be ashamed of their bodies, that to go shirtless like a boy is vulgar and obscene. We have the same right to go shirtless too, men have nipples and so do we.

    This also is reflected in other aspects. Aside from the self objectification, young girls aren't realizing their full potential because of the lack of role models. At age 7 the same number of boys and girls want to be president, by 17 the number of girls drops significantly. With media controlling nearly every aspect of our children's lives and our future we should be projecting equality, not this sexist, objectification of women. While women age 20-30 only account for about 30% of the female population, they account for 75% of female roles in Hollywood and are more than 4 times more likely to have revealing clothing.

    Even in female dominated industries, women are paid less than men. On average a woman is paid 75 cents on the dollar a man makes doing the same job.

    Feminism and the Feminist movement is not over. There are many more battles to be won for equality, not only for women, for everyone.

  • Everyone does in a way.

    Both men and women objectify themselves. It should not hinder any "movement". People are more than just objects but all are seen as an object at some point by someone, Even themselves. As far as feminism is concerned; it has become a non-issue from what I have seen in my own country. In fact, As Forthelulz has stated, Much of feminism has moved to a special treatment category.

  • No you are wrong

    Men still sexualise women even if they aren’t wearing provocative clothing. We have the right to dress the way we choose. It’s okay for men to feel attracted but it’s not okay to see us as just a person to have sex with because women are also human beings and have thoughts and feelings.

  • NOPE! You duuuuuumb boi!

    Get over the fact that I have a body and you are attracted to it. That doesn't mean I want to have sex with you.

    I need twenty-three more words to submit this post so I don't really think I have much more to say then that. Three more words.

  • How dare you

    We are women who deserve to dress the way we choose, do what we want and be ourselves without being objectified. The idea of feminism is to be able to be equal to men and the first thing we need is too be respected by our fellow peers and the opposite sex. This debate is one example of the lack of respect that women get for being who they want to be and its disgraceful.

  • An alternate title:

    Am I a radical who thinks I'm oh-so-clever to make a title that makes either answer agree with me at first glance?

    This is one of the most crude attempts of making sure that any answer agrees with the speaker that I have had the misfortune to look at. You sure do live up to your username.

    And now, an answer: The feminist movement is over. They got their equal rights. Now they are complaining about the lack of special treatment, and are going to the law to get them a leg up. They are fools. The law can only deal with de jure issues, like segregated lunch counters. Any de facto issues, such as a men-only club that the women want in to, that the law blunders into are in infringement of the rights of the "discriminator."

    I only said yes for the alternate title.

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