Is it true that a true snobby man doesn't know how to do chores? Lmao

Asked by: Adam2
  • If that's the case, then having class doesn't make you a snobby man

    I used to think that's what snob meant til I realized that many liberal men today don't ever do chores, which comes to show that I've never been a snob. I've done things real guys do -- I take out the garbage. I've put and installed new light bulbs on my lovely house. Sure, I don't know how to do the grass real well, but I've done those kinda things. It seems that that's why some guys have to hire people to do the work for them. Stupid...

  • It's true being snobby makes you pretend to be bad at chores so no one will make you do them.

    Snobby is an attitude that one carries with him throughout all aspects of his life. A snobby man is equally likely to do chores just to prove he can do them better than someone else. And there's plenty of men who are not what you might call snobby who don't do any chores because they are victims of the far worse disease I like to refer to as "lazy".

  • Greediness and snobiness are the same thing, and they both lead to laziness.

    When you're lazy, you won't want to do chores. You'll think its okay to have someone else do them for you. This is why some people wish to live a life without lots of money. Money leads to snobiness, snobiness leads to laziness. Snobiness is bad and leads to degeneracy.

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Adam2 says2014-05-20T22:51:33.080
Is that really the kinda society that exists in England? That can't be true... Lol
I know a real Englishman has cojones