• Yes, it's true!)

    To my mind, there is no 100% equal people! All people are different to some extent.) You can make sure visiting . It helps to find a man or a woman like you want and desire) Or you can just talk with many another people) It's very useful nowadays)

  • It is true that opposites attract in romantic relationships.

    It is true that opposites attract in romantic relationships. People who have differing tastes or likes or personalities complement each other better than people who have the same tastes and likes and or personalities. People who have opposite type personalities have more to learn from each other than those with similar identical personalities.

  • I Think It's Possible

    I believe it is true that opposites attract in romantic relationships, but I don't think that is a sign that the relationship will work. I think people are initially interested in people who are their opposite but I think the reality of the situation makes it difficult for the relationship to work in the long run.

  • Yes, I think it's true that opposites attract in relationships.

    I think that in some cases the saying that "opposites attract" does ring true, sometimes when someone is the complete opposite of you you find them exciting and you find that they complete you since they are doing the things that you would never do, I think that you have to be careful since these relationships probably have more conflict due to the opposite nature of the couple.

  • Yes, opposites attract in romantic relationships.

    Yes, I believe that opposites do attract in romantic relationships. But I also believe that some of their relationships are on borrowed time. I think that romantic relationships have no rules. It is something that has different variables and factors. We do not know exactly what makes them work and be successsful.

  • No it is not.

    Sometimes opposites do attract but many times they do not. It is usually better to be attracted to someone who is like you. It is easier and there will be less fighting. So even if opposites attract in the beginning this will soon grow old. Better to go with someone similar.

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