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  • Power Has Multiple Dimensions

    It's not right to say that power only has two dimensions. In this day and age, power has a nearly limitless number of dimensions. Some people are capable of taking power in and yielding it in one manner while others rely upon something a little different. Power it multi-dimensional today.

  • No, power is complex.

    No, it is not true that power only has two dimensions, because power is very complex. It is hard to even define what power is. Power means different things to different people. There is physical strength, but there is also mental manipulation. Power could be defined as the ability to make something happen. It is a complicated concept.

  • Power is a Force, Not a Tangible Object

    Power can't have any dimensions because it is a force and not a solid object. Solid objects in the real world can't have two dimensions because even a pencil line has a very thin third dimension of height. Power is a force that either has no dimensions or has infinite dimensions as power cannot be adequately measured.

  • It is not true that power only has two dimensions.

    It is not true that power only has two dimensions. I think that power has many faces beside two, maybe even three or four. Lukes criticizes Bachrach and Baratz’s 2nd face of power for not going
    far enough. Lukes first argues that its critique of behaviorism is too qualified as it is still committed to behaviorism.

  • It is false.

    Is is not true that power has only two dimensions. Power has many dimensions, even though you may not see them. A lot of people are ignorant, and do not have a rational view on things such as power. If you take a much closer look then the average person, you will see the truth.

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