Is it true that telling a girl she's forbidden to wear pants just as stupid as saying gay people can't get married?

  • How many times can I say yes?

    One thing I don't understand is why is fashion and clothing so monitored. People should wear what makes them comfortable. Yeah it may be weird but its the 1st amendment pal. I've met people that are like oh girls wearing pants isn't supported by the bible but GUESS WHAT CLOWNS! Gay marriage isn't supported by the bible either and we allow it to happen because we should be proud to love who we love so don't tell a gal they must wear dresses always if your going to allow a gay person to marry another gay person (BTW, I am a straight person that is NOT homophobic. )

  • Kind of an extreme analogy here

    I mean like the last con person said where do we draw the line when it comes to marriage? Marriage is defined between man and woman and if you change that then where do we draw the line when it comes to changing these things? Besides most normal everyday gay people don’t want marriage or believe in it because they just wanna have fun with whoever. Some even go as far as to say that “cramming gay marriage down everyone’s throats is a political agenda and there’s no point to it”.

  • Just gonna play devils advocate

    Disclaimer I actually don't support either side because I can argue one side or the other just as good.
    #1 What would the point of gay marriage be? Because a lot of people are leaving marriage because marriage usually comes from religion (All religions not just christianity) who reject gay marriage because the point of marriage is to start families and have kids (According to most religions at least) anything that's not man or woman is counterfeit marriage
    #2 Where exactly do we draw the line? Should polygamy be legal because there will be more people there and there's a lot more love than just two people? What about marrying objects? The line has to be drawn somewhere
    #3 if a gay married couple adopts a child lets say two men. Who fills the mothers role in their life? How will they react when they see other kids's families seeing a mom and father and then he asks "why do i have two dads and no mother? " Especially a lesbian couple raising a boy if there's no father in the house who will teach them to be a man? What if he starts feeling like a girl inside (because a lot of boys who think they are trans don't have father figures in their lives)
    #4 Can a church reject to have a gay couple married in their church because it goes against their religion?
    I would also like to point out I'm not homophobic and I'm restating my disclaimer that I could (And would) argue the other way around just as well.

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