Is it true that there are no bad children, only bad parents?

  • Parents can be a good person, But could be a bad parent.

    The thing is the parents can have a good personality, But they can't be sure that the parenting skills and their disciplinary ways are correct and powerful enough to discipline a children. This is why the children, Innocent and naive, Could receive a bad role model, E. G. Their peers or their parents. Mainly the flaws on disciplinary and education given to the children

  • Bad kid is a consequence of bad parenting. Children are not born being "bad" or "good" like children are born with handicaps or deseases.

    A kid grows up. He see what his parents are doing and take it over, for example throwing something on the streets, smoking, swearing, ...
    So most of these kids take these things over, and many of them even go further on those bad features of their parents. But when the parent has also a bad "parenting" things go even worse. The kid may become in a depression, trustlessness and anger. So kids cannot be bad if the parents arent bad.

  • Lack of parenting skills and eroded values

    Many, if not most adults become parents without any knowledge of what it takes to be responsible parents. Most married couples assume that just because they had parents, they themselves could undertake parenting just as well. Unfortunately, the ever increasing complexity of society and media is making parenting more complex and challenging. Imparting good values and habits is becoming ever more critical as these will enable the child to make good decisions especially when the parent is absent.
    To make matters worse, some parents take an inward approach and adopt strict (and sometimes extreme) religious ways in bringing up their children resulting in the children not identifying with nor being receptive towatds others who do not share their faith. As the child grows, the non-acceptance and intolerance may grow and lead to sad consequences.

  • Cause and effect.

    Cause: bad parents
    Effect: bad children.
    Bad children do exist, but only as a result of actions of parents in their upbringing. Bad children may be a result of bad influence in their environment, not neccesarily fron the parents. But still parents have the choice to decide whether to give birth to their kids and bring them up and expose them to such environments. When parents cannot control their 'bad' children, it is a result of their earlier decisions resulting in children being 'bad'. However, parents do not have perfect knowledge and are not able to make the best decision at all times. Unforeseen events may occur resulting in limited choice of actions, that even a good parent who makes good decision end up with a bad child. Such uncertainties cannot be predicted, but they should be anticipated. Events which are truly unforeseen and cannot be foreseen are rare. For example, uneducated parents who are expected to be less knowledgeable of good parenting should at least know that they are uneducated and stand a lower chance of making right decisions creating a proper nuturing environment conducive of developing good children.
    Therefore, in most cases bad parents are the trigger and the cause to bad children.

  • A parent should be able to understand a child.

    Actually the answer for me is yes and no. It is true not all children are saints. But it is up to the parents to try and identify if their child has any behavourial issues and try and indentify the triggers and stop them before they happen. I took my son to playgroup the other day and there was a little demon child there who had severe behavourial issues. But she just stood there talking to the other mums whilst this child pushed every other kid including mine everytime he went near them. He put my son into a headlock at one stage. This is where I feel I failed as a parent as I recognized that this kid was a little turd but I didn't do anything to distract him to get him away from my son.
    This childs mother was using the time out method which wasn't working. Actually I think it was causing more problems and creating more anti-social behaviour in her child. I will tell you why now. I took my son to this other play group where we live and alas this demon child was there. Now this is where to me this child got really weird and showed signs of isolated behaviour. There is this donut tunnel at this playgroup and my son went to go inside and that demon child popped out and pushed my son. So I went over to pick up my son to comfort him and I looked inside and this child had created somekind of grotto where he had collected a whole bunch of small toys and was sitting there playing with them.
    So I told my kid to try and stay away from that child as he is not right in the head.

  • Yes of course

    Parents are always nagging around being totally idiotic to children which causes them to act up.Then the parents pretend that nothing is happening and just yell like a crazy maniac.As if they are drunk for drinking but they aren't drunk at all.Which makes it totally the parent's fault at most times

  • Love and support are necessary to raise a child.

    If you raise a child without support, love, discipline, and attention you'll have an unruly child. Children that are nurtured and disciplined don't act out- they have no need to. Their needs are met and they are taught right from wrong. Discipline is a healthy thing. Children who are free to do whatever they please are left to fight for their parents attention. Or anyone else's.

  • It is partially true.

    In my opinion bad parents make bad children.In other words when a parent is abusive or he/she doesn't care at all about their child, the child MIGHT become like their parents.
    Although I believe it is mostly the parents to blame we should not forget the bad idols of society, the education system who concentrates on knowledge and the social enviroment in general.
    Of course that is as long as they are children.When it comes to teenagers it is a whole different story.Teenagers have already somewhat shaed their personality and probably they will continue shaping it according to what they have learned and their life experience.
    But IF parents trained,educated the child properly,with love and care and ethics e.T.C.,there are many chances that the child won't behave in a deviant way.
    BUT i mention it again that it is also society's fault because of the idols and the uncaring enviroment these children might live.

  • Parents attention towards children

    The very topic can be explained with an example- suppose their are two children, one whose parents are completely devoted to him and also guides him in every path and the other whose parents are least bothered about him and lets him life his own life. Now the chance for the child who is most ignored tends to be more involved in bad behaviours and activities. Thus from this we can conclude that parents play a major role in a kid's life.And Yes there can be bad parents!.

  • Who else would you blame?

    . Let’s see teachers… sorry but for a primary school teacher with 30 children working for 6 hours in a day each child would be given 12 minutes of individual attention. Now I don’t think that’s enough and I’m sure you don’t either. Maybe their friends? Nope, it is the parent’s responsibility to keep children away from the wrong people. Next up poor area? I don’t think so… what does it cost to be polite? Look how many successful people like Brendon O’Carroll (aka. Mrs. Browne) who was one of eleven children raised by a widow in a poor area of Dublin. He has credited his mother several times about her good parenting.

  • Kids aint saints

    I in no way wish to undermine the importance of nurture. Good parents will overwhelmingly produce good children, and the vast majority of bad children will be a result of bad parenting. There are, however, cases of children who are just plain rotten. Free will is something all of us, even children, are capable of practicing, and this means making bad decisions in spite of good parenting.

  • You can't blame one person for the wrongs of someone else

    Growing up in a family with a brother who is definitely what would be called a 'problem child' proves to me that how children turn out is not a result of the parents parenting. Both him and I have been raised exactly the same, and at the end of the day it is his choice how he acts towards people and situations. No amount of good parenting is going to change that.

  • People Make Their Own Choices/Who started the Tradition?

    Sure, if you have a bad parent, you tend to be bad too. But, it doesn't mean EVERY bad child has a bad parent. Some children just don't follow their parent's orders and rules for their house. A parent can't know EVERYTHING their child does either.

    Also, if you think of it this way, if their are no bad children, then how you (YES side) think parents are bad. Parents were children, too. And their parents were children as well, and so on and so on. So, even if you are on the YES side, someone had to start the tradition? Everyone was a child once, too you know.

    Also, some parents are bad. Some parents are worse than the "Bad Moms" parents, but SOME isn't EVERYONE.

    Can't you name at least ONE person who grew up with at least ONE great parent, but turn out to me bad-as-I-don't-know-what? Or, at least vice versa

    Well, that's my argument for now. I'l come back when I found something witty to say

    the debater

    P.S. I know this is off-topic but, can you BELIEVE Donald Trump won the 2016 election. THAT, my friends (YES side) should be worrying about, not "bad parents"

  • Some people are born evil

    I have 6 children. 4 biological and 2 adopted. 5 of my children have turned out to be caring, sweet, talented, good people. 1 has never been good even though she was raised in the same home, same way (adapting for each child's unique personalities and needs of course) If there are two choices, bad and good, she will ALWAYS choose bad. Right and wring? She chooses wrong. I've never seen someone so set on self-destruction. We've gotten her counseling, we're upper middle class so we live in a nice house, nice neighborhood, spend a lot of time with the kids, attend church regularly, gotten her special tutors, tried to get her involved with sports, music, theater, dance and she was kicked out of all of them for her behavior. She stole almost $2k in cash from us 6 months ago, we took her to the police, it made no difference to her. She said she took it because she wanted it. She steals from everyone in the house so that we have to lock everything up. Last week, she skipped school and was caught smoking weed. We've never ever abused her, provided her with everything she needs and a lot of things she wants, but it makes no difference. We are not bad parents. She is a bad seed with a future full of hurt.

    Posted by: Masg
  • Great parents have bad kids all the time

    Some kids are just born bad. They choose to be. I have 5 kids 2 in college with jobs, 2 excelling in grade school, & a 16 yr old that chooses to join a gang and rob people. He never grew up around that. Star athlete turned bad his choice.

  • At the end of the day, the mind can do what it wants

    There are hosts of well established mental conditions and 'learning difficulties' which are generally held to have no relation to parenting, but can affect behaviour in profoundly negative ways. The post that states 'Watch the parent of an out of control child, and you will see an out of control parent' is totally incorrect. Watch an out of control child 'throwing a tantrum' and it is possibel that they will have a medically diagnosed condition of autism for example (please do not misinterpret what I am saying here, I do not in any way mean that autism = poor behaviour, it is just the case with mental issues that they are vague and must be grouped in wide ranging classes).

    Mental problems are not a clear cut issue and there is a whole spectrum from being so-called 'normal' to 'crazy', so to say that an autistic child has any more right to be 'genetically poorly behaived' than another child who has not officially been characterised under this vague term by a professional is nonsense.

    Mental processes are far from independent of your raw biological nature (I am deliberately not saying genetic code here since I believe there are multiple things that contribute to this) and a lot of that is either predetermined or affected by pure chance.

    Injuries to the brain have been shown to have an affect on someone's behaviour (in many anecdotal cases an extremely significant affect), so how can you say that, for definite, the brain of a child (or an adult) is not in some way causing their behaviour. We are all different in ways that cannot simply be explained by our upbringings and it is entirely possible that this difference can manifest itself in behavioural issues.

  • No one has complete control over another person, including children

    Every parent has a unique style which of course contributes to who their children become. However, there are so many other factors including personalities, temperament, environment and outside influences that help create who a person is. Ultimately, no matter how a parent tries to control a situation, a child has a mind of their own and will sometimes act in ways that are considered "bad."

  • There are good and bad people so it would be logical to say there are good and bad children

    There is only so much you can do with a child, you can love them, teach them, raise them to be what you hope is a good person but each person has the potential to be more or less then the person or people who raised them. A person can be bad in spite of how they grew up or where they were raised and a person can be good even though they were raised in an environment that was detrimental to being good.

  • No parent can be bad with their children

    If a child falls in bad company that's not their parents fault because they only want their child to be happy and go beyond limits to achieve their child's happiness
    so it would be wrong to blame parents for the bad behavior of a child because it's their bad company's deed. A child has to decide which way he wants to go! Not every time a parent can keep an eye on the child, especially in the school.
    Therefore, the child has to decide which way he wants to opt for and what he wants to become.

    Also bad company makes them fall in the trap of telling lies frequently, they lie to their parents and chill out in the pubs and bars.
    How could a parent come to know about all this? Maybe they can do so but they don't want to intrude the privacy of their child as much as possible.

  • Parents are not always wrong.

    Parents are never bad. Whatever they do is just because they care for us. They are the ones who brought us in this world and they will never do something which is not good for us. They are the most precious thing in our life and we should never hurt them. They are sometimes wrong but still they care for us and love us.

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Jaggi says2016-01-06T05:33:29.563
Proper development of children is very important for the parents as well as for the nation ,because they are the leaders of tomorrow . It need to be taken up very seriously by the State as part of their social responsibility. Here comes the role of good teachers and the environment of the Schools. Even Modi after becoming Prime Minister of India should have paid all his attention towards this aspect .
Jaggi says2016-01-07T07:57:25.997
There is a need to develop a proper regime which may help in molding the attitude of a young child. Attitude is the most important attribute
of any person which helps them all the chances to be successful in life. Attitude helps in gaining knowledge through training and developing team spirit to be acceptable for any group activity . Here attitude means positive attitude.

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