Is it true that there is no place for losers in this world?

  • If you mean losers as in lazy, depressed, couch walruses, than there shouldn't be.

    Losers are always going to be around. Those people at Wal-Mart who forgot to wear underarm or a bra, those people who bring a jar of pennies to pay for their Subway sandwich. You know the type, people who don't work because welfare will pay for them. Those people, unfortunately, have a place, and I honestly believe that the President should be hitting them hard. There should be no place for these people. They should be forced to shape up or ship out.

    Some people would fight me to the death; "It's America, I live here 'cause I can do what ever I damn well please, even if that means collecting coupons and living off the change in my mothers couch".

    The part that is almost paradoxical is when you are forced to say "I guess you're right. But you really 'should' go and work hard". Thus is the problem with democracy and blah blah.

  • Yes. Every random person YOU call a loser isn't even one.

    First of all, losers arent even born on this planet, until and unless you win that first race against a thousand million sperms, you arent even BORN. So even by natural selections, losers arent even born on this planet.
    Secondly, nobody has the right to decide whether somebody is a loser or not. The person himself/herself has the only right to do so. If that person accepts that he/she is a loser in the competition called life, the moment he/she accepts defeat, he isnt able to live with himself/herself and kills himself/herself.
    If you don't mean 'world' literally, then consider this. Suppose i m am athlete. I have been competing at meets all my life, never really making my mark. One day i realize that I' m a loser, not meant for the world of athletics, i leave the 'world' of athletics forever. Hence I m a loser who doesnt have a place in that world.

  • No place for losers

    I believe that losers have no place in this world. Losers have lost their dignity in various fields yo be a part of the human civilization due to their faults which cannot be rectified and thus failures committed by them can no longer be pillars of success. Thus no place for losers.

  • We Need Losers

    Without people working at McDonald's we won't have a McDonalds. Without minimum wage workers at a factory we won't have stuff. We need people to fill in the less desirable jobs. We can't all be CEOs or Lawyers or Doctors. Without "losers" our world would be nothing. If everyone was successful then nobody would be successful.

  • No, nerds and geeks have long been deemed losers and look at Bill Gates

    "Loser" is such a relative term and often just a lame attempt to put someone else down for being different. Us nerds and geeks are often deemed "losers" in primary and high school (and beyond). I suppose this is largely on the basis of our inability to pick up girls and large pieces of metal. Also, dumb people are intimidated and distrusting of more intelligent people. Fast Forward about 10-15 years and notice how many of us "losers" are changing the world, starting companies, designing new technologies and medicines, influencing policy and politics. Also, if we are looking at a strictly competition-based use of the word, there is always only one true world champion, world "winner" so to speak. Everybody is a loser to someone else at something.

  • The history of the world is a constant power struggle

    It is in the best interest of the elite to keep the rest of the population relatively uneducated, under-privileged, and marginalized....But if you can't do that, keep them in-debted and politically divided.

    Every human being has the ability to maximize his/her potential. Majority of what one may call Losers are simply people who have barriers to opportunities in front of them. And this is so....So that a ruling minority can sleep at night.

    Posted by: DT
  • Life isn't binary

    I see time and time again typical blowhards overvaluing their lives talk down to others because their job is easy/nonexistent. Hell...Maybe the world really has moved to a few matter more then the many system...But as long as their is blood coursing through my veins I'll try to survive regardless of whatever my "label" happens to be. Don't like it...Feel free to come at me. The true power brokers laugh as people defend their interests by proxy.

  • One can't exist without another.

    The whole concept of winners and losers doesn't exist if there isn't one of the parties. Without losers everyone would be winners and if that happens then who's the better winner now. It will just make a new division (actually it will be the same one only with different names).

    Posted by: wwmd

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Define "loser"