Is It True That White People Conquer, Harm, Kill and Destroy Everything?

Asked by: Eqcuis
  • Yes they do

    There is no land that they have not touched and ruined, They spare no one. Look at the state of the United States right now, White people everywhere ignorant to the peril of others and telling the minorities that they didn't work as hard as white people did and that was what got us to this point. Disgusting. Now they've taken on destroying the whole planet on top of that.

  • They are the biggest cause of environmental destruction on the planet

    If they are not destroying the planet directly by spilling oil into the ocean or sucking minerals out of the ground they’re destroying the planet indirectly by paying China to dispose all their waste and manufacture all their products. It’s only because white people CONSUME the most out of any other demographic is Asia running at full capacity to keep up with the white mans appetite. The white race is a cancer on the planet.

  • They are evil

    They are greedy and destroying the lives of black people. They keep on abusing black minds, Enslaving them and telling them lies while they talk about peace.

    They are not humans. They don't care about the feelings of others, They destroy everything and everyone they meet on their own. They punishing people for nothing. . . They are the true Meaning of Devil

  • Seriously? You had to ask this question>

    OF COURSE they do. The evidence and ruins of what they do and have done remain as a scar on Humanity and the globe in a very literal sense. They destroyed society, the environment, and the natural order of things where people share everything. They act almost as devils on this earth, and they have since they first appeared. And no, it is not "everyone", and don't come back with the usual whataboutisms. The only people who would say no to the question asked by this topic would be white people.

  • It's really silly to think so.

    Humans are horrible. Throughout the history there's trace of wars. The first war recorded in history took place in Mesopotamia in 2700 BCE so saying it's just one group of people doing it is stupid. Nations have been conquering other nations for ages just look at Genghis khan or Tamerlane in Asia or the Native in America.
    The Native Americans were in a near constant state of warfare with one another, many tribes became extinct and disappeared even before Columbus, as a result of tribal conflict.

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