Is it true (yes) or is it just a stereotype (no) that the white man is more chivalrous than other races?

Asked by: Adam2
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  • Racist baloney and nonsense

    This is nonsense that white racist people said to demonize other races. It's the classic stereotype that the colonialists used when they entered India and Ireland: to lie about how the Irish or Asian man was a lowlife scumbag, prone to crime and cheating, to fool the women of those countries into marrying into the white race. It's nonsense. It's a stereotype done to discourage other races.

  • Chivalry is a term used in Europe.

    Well you can also claim that modern White men are not as chivalrous as their predecessors. You can also say the Italian men (or men in Italian society) are more chivalrous then Russian men, so what do we use as the standard? It is just a confusing question that is so abstract that answering it properly is difficult. White is a term used to denote Northern Europeans mostly and to lesser extent Southern and Eastern Europeans and in current times North Africans, Middle Easterners, Latin Americans, North Americans, and Indians (from India). So first of what is white? Then How do you measure Chivalry from that particular group compared to another abstract group? So I say who cares.

  • This is based on what?

    As a white male, I am not even sure how to respond to this. SO let me just say what a load of tripe, chivalry comes from multiple reasons and has absolutely nothing to do with race. Also, it should be realized that often chivalry gets dismissed even if a person is chivalrous under most circumstances. Chivalry is a trait that gets afforded to people the chivalrous person deems worthy.

  • Altogether, probably less so.

    In America, I think that we are. I may not be using the same definition as the initiator this opinion. The Germans and Russians are very un-chivelrous. So are a lot of African-Americans, who have been raised in a dog-eat-dog survival situation (to borrow the phrase). This is really a question of how culture has affected lighter skinned people, vs. How it's affected people with more melanin. I don't believe that the amount of melanin has anything to do with character development, but I believe that it is primarily the surrounding culture.

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